"Sometimes you gotta be scum to catch scum."

Scratch was a Human male member of the Exchange during the Galactic War. In 3641 BBY he set up a shop in the Minev-Ra Caves on Voss, dealing with trade illegal by Galactic Republic standard by looked over by the Voss. An ambassador Lokir-Ka send the Voidhound to meet with Scratch and learn how Rogun the Butcher was able to smuggle Gormak technobeasts offworld. Scratch put the smuggler in contact with Jela Reneke and later helped him cover the tracks when Reneke framed the captain for the smuggling of technobeasts she'd been doing herself. As the smuggler eventually disposed of Reneke, Scratch and Gormak Zak shifted their trade from Rogun to the captain, furthering his influence on the galactic underworld.