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Scratch was a female[source?] rancor who lived on Felucia during the Clone Wars.


During the Clone Wars Scratch had mothered a rancor colony. A Jedi and a squad of clone troopers, aligned with the Galactic Republic in a battle against the Confederacy of Independent Systems on the planet of Felucia. The famed RC-1138, Clone trooper sergeant of the famed Delta Squad, had commissioned the Jedi Knight to destroy the colony so that his temporary battalion could use their colony as shortcut to the Nuro organization who was working with the CIS and was stealing Nysillin from farms. When the Jedi Knight reached the cave, they killed most of the rancor's offspring; Scratch saw and attacked the Jedi, however she was killed and failed in her attempt.

Behind the scenesEdit

Scratch appeared in Clone Wars Adventures and appeared in its expansion pack on April 4, 2013.[source?]