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"The cloak was stolen years ago by the terrible Gracca of the Floating Mountain. It says here only a great warrior can get the cloak back."
―Teebo reading from the scroll[src]

The Scroll of the Crystal Cloak was a manuscript owned by the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village. The scroll told the tale of the Crystal Cloak and its theft by the Gracca. The scroll and was written in Ewokese. The scroll detailed the powers of the Crystal Cloak, and its ability to grant anyone wearing it the power of to turn anything into crystal just by touching it. It also described how the Gracca had come to the village and stolen the cloak from the Ewoks.

The Scroll of the Crystal Cloak was kept within Logray's hut among his many writings and manuscripts. The Ewok apprentice, Teebo, read from the scroll to his love interest, Latara, when she came to him hoping to get a fix for a broken crystal. He read from the scroll to prove to Latara that the Crystal Cloak had the power to create crystals.


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