Scrub lizards were large omnivorous reptiles native to the planet Korbin, where they were the dominant non-sapient lifeform. The beasts grew up to three meters long and one meter tall at the shoulder. Their scales ranged in coloration from copper to golden brown. Some mistook scrub lizards for giant snakes, as they could crawl flush with the ground. Scrub lizards normally gathered into groups of two to six and would stalk Humans on the roadways between Korbin's cities. If they succeeded in wounding their prey, the scrub lizards would go into a blood frenzy. Despite being primarily carnivorous, the lizards were attracted to the native kyrf fruit and liquor, being immune to intoxication from the latter.

The Korbinites (who were mostly Humans) hunted the lizards for food, sport, and their scales and teeth, which made colorful adornments. Some Korbinites succeeded in turning a few scrub lizards into mounts, pack animals, and watch animals, though these half-tamed scrub lizards were rare. Some Korbinite gangs would stake victims in Korbin's open spaces for scrub lizards to attack and eat alive.