Sculpting a Galaxy: The Limited Edition Models is a DVD that was included with Sculpting a Galaxy: Inside the Star Wars Model Shop. It is hosted by modelmaker Lorne Peterson, who also wrote the liner notes.


  • Star Wars Featurettes
    • A Jigsaw Puzzle
    • Ten Gallons of Buildings
    • Episode III Visual Effects Breakdown
  • Lorne Peterson's Talking Galleries: The View from the Shop
    • "Wars" Stories
      • Star Destroyer
      • Jawa Sandcrawler
      • They Shoot Models, Don't They?
    • Death Star Parking Lot
    • Cantina Horror Film
    • Visit to Yavin
    • The Evolution of Tools
    • The ILM Experience
      • Beginnings
      • Renaissance
      • Setting Up Shop
      • Model Kits
      • Boilet Plate Technology
      • Fun Factor
      • Beating the Heat
      • Moving Shop
  • Lorne Peterson's Talking Galleries: Adventures in Modelmaking
    • Choosing Scale
    • Sit Walker Sit
    • Space Slug Detail
    • Three Wampas
    • Theed City Gardening
    • Naboo Swamp
    • Mos Espa Arena Tips
    • Podracers
    • Geonosian Arena
    • Utapau
    • Mustafar
  • Disc credits

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