This article is about the Imperial frigate. You may be looking for the patrol craft with the same name.

The Scylla was an Imperial frigate and Admiral Natasi Daala's flagship shortly after the Black Fleet Crisis. This ship was almost captured during a battle against General Garm Bel Iblis, who used a pair of CC-7700 frigates to keep it from escaping into hyperspace. In an act of desperation, Daala took out one of the frigates by ramming the Scylla into it. This allowed Daala to jump into hyperspace—but also severely damaged the Scylla's navigational systems. Daala's jump was a blind one, and she wasn't seen until the Second Galactic Civil War at least twenty years later to help out Gilad Pellaeon and the Imperial Remnant.

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Behind the scenesEdit

  • Scylla was also the name of a server (removed) in Star Wars Galaxies.
  • This is also a reference to the mythological creature Scylla.



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