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For other uses, see Scythe (disambiguation).

The title of this article is a nickname, call sign, or alias.

This article is about a subject that lacks an official name and was known only by its nickname, call sign, or alias.

"Hey, Scythe, welcome back to the land of the living."
"Thank you, sir."
Pulsar and Scythe, after the latter is infected by a brain worm — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

"Scythe" was the nickname of a clone trooper who served during the Clone Wars in the Grand Army of the Republic's[2] Tango Company.[3] In the wake of the Second Battle of Geonosis, he was infected by a Geonosian brain worm and became the instigator of a brain worm plague among his comrades aboard Republic medical frigate TB-73.[2]

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