"Aye, General... But what good will that do us if our air support can't get close enough to stop the harvesters?"
Gree, to Yoda[src]

The scythe harvester was a tracked vehicle used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.


Scythe harvester 2

A scythe harvester taking down two LAAT/i gunships

The scythe harvester was armed with six laser cannons, in addition to a powerful laser scythe. The laser scythe cleared a path for the tracked vehicle and was able to take down LAAT/i gunships.


Two scythe harvesters were deployed during a battle on a farming moon in orbit of the planet Kashyyyk. During the battle, the scythe harvesters razed the local farmlands and destroyed several LAAT/i gunships, thus depriving clone troopers commanded by Clone Commander Gree of air support. Grand Master Yoda used one of the native reptavians to reach the roof of one of the scythe harvesters, which he commandeered and turned against the other.



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