Shark Leader: "Acklay Base Sea Lion, this is Shark Squadron leader. Have located the fleeing fishhead colony. Am transmitting coordinates to start attack run."
Sea Lion: "Copy, Shark Leader. We have them in our sights. All units, open fire. Let's cook some calamari."
―The Sea Lion attacks the Mon Calamari[src]

The Sea Lion was an Acklay Battle Fortress that fought in the Genocide of Mon Calamari. It was commanded by Commander Sturves, who used the craft to track down Mon Calamari refugees and exterminate them.


"You must prioritize, Tanquar. That fortress will be repaired and it will come back, looking for these refugees and for you!"
―Treis Sinde[src]

Following the decree by Emperor Darth Krayt to exterminate the Mon Calamari, the Sea Lion tracked down a group of Mon Calamari who were in hiding on the ocean floor of Dac. The battle fortress unleashed Shark Squadron, a unit of Shark subfighters to slaughter the Mon Calamari. However, before the massacre could be completed, Shark Squadron was attacked by the Mon Calamari Rangers and their Krakana fighters. As the Imperials began to take casualties, the Sea Lion deployed Alpha Squadron, a seatrooper unit, to stop the attack. The unit was ambushed and slaughtered by Imperial Knight Treis Sinde, who then boarded the Sea Lion and attacked the remaining stormtroopers and Imperial technicians. In the ensuing firefight, Imperial blasters struck the fuel tanks in the docking bay, causing a massive explosion which killed the remaining Imperials.

Chief Bor Alsek managed to survive the blast, but he was killed by Sinde. The explosion flooded the docking bay, severely damaging the Sea Lion. Lieutenant Troax informed Sturves of the damage, and not wishing to lose the ship, commanded his unit to retreat. Shark Squadron was recalled to the craft, allowing the Mon Calamari refugees to escape under protection of the Mon Calamari Rangers. However the retreat worked in the Imperials favor, as Sinde and the Rangers were hoping to capture the Sea Lion and convert it into a mobile command base for their hit-and-run attacks. Instead, the battle fortress was able to escape and effect repairs. Sinde predicted that the Sea Lion would soon be back to attack the Rangers and destroy the remaining refugees.


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