"Take me, Sebastian, you know I will not resist."
"My title is Governor-General, traitor, and before I am finished, you will beg the favor of death."
"Perhaps so, Sebastian. But for every drop of blood you spill, a million sentients will rise in rebellion."
"Then I will spill a million buckets of blood."
―Erling Tredway and Sebastian Parnell[src]

Sebastian Parnell was an Imperial general, who also served as governor of the Sil'Lume system, during the time of the New Order. He was distinguishable with his silver hair and ice-blue eyes.

As governor, it was his personal task to bring the miners and prospectors of the Sil'Lume asteroid belt under Imperial control, while also overseeing the prisoners on Tol Ado, the third planet in the system.