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"A pity you humanz lack the advantage of hatchmatez."
"Hatching Jedi. Now that's an interesting idea."
"I can testify that it workz."
Corran Horn and Saba Sebatyne[src]
Njo sabasebatyne

Saba Sebatyne

The Sebatyne nest was a famous Barabel bloodline, produced through the Barabel mating system (two females, two males by nest). The nest produced two generations of Jedi for the New Jedi Order.


Nest treeEdit

Saba Sebatyne--+--Unknown Barabel male--+--Unknown Hara Barabel female--+--Unknown Barabel male
               |                        |                               |
               |                        ---------------------------------
               |                                        |
               |                              Bela Hara & Krasov Hara
        Tesar Sebatyne--+--Dordi--+--Zel--+--Wilyem
                        |         |       |
                      Unspecified eggs number