"Huzzah for Perpe... Predpre... Who gave him a name like that?"
―Sebb about Prepredenko[src]

Sebb was a local Jazbinan bar fly on Jazbina.


"'Twas only Prepredenko, after all. Another one, Sebb?"
"No, thanks. You gonna laugh, but I don't feel like it, somehow."
"I ain't gonna laugh. I ain't."
―The bartender and Sebb[src]

After seeing 3DVO's broadcast of an imprisoned Prepredenko at a local bar, Sebb was offered a drink by the bartender but refused, something out character for him. He and many other Jazbinans gathered their weapons and attacked Darth Vader and the Imperial forces on Jazbina. Sebb threw a glass bottle at a stormtrooper and when Vader demanded who dared to do such a thing, Sebb defiantly replied, "I dare...Darfader!" He led the mob of locals,which eventually drove Darth Vader and the Empire off the planet.


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