"That'll be a sour batch."
Jango Fett upon Sebolto's death.[src]

Sebolto was a male Dug from the planet Malastare. As of the Battle of Naboo, Sebolto had become a powerful crime lord, operating out of Malastare, and was a known death stick producer and distributor. The druglord and kingpin of the trafficking operation that ultimately bowed to Komari Vosa, leader of the Bando Gora cult, even wielded control over the Gran senator of Malastare, Ainlee Teem, a well as other politicians throughout the galaxy such as Connus Trell in Coruscant. Such power elevated Sebolto to King of the Dugs.

Sebolto's reach thus extended well beyond his homeworld. While the Dug also oversaw smuggling operations in the Gazzari Minor system, he lost a huge amount of credits when the trafficking was uncovered to the Republic Security Force by Bendix Fust and was stopped. Sebolto placed a bounty on Fust's head, which was eventually collected by Zam Wesell.

Zam was not simply after credits, however, as she was working with fellow bounty hunter Jango Fett. On the trail of Komari Vosa, Fett discovered that Sebolto had links to the Hutts and Vosa's feared Force-worshiping cult, and the bounty hunter captured Fust to infiltrate Sebolto's Palace. While Zam kept Sebolto occupied, Jango fought his way through Sebolto's guards.

The Dug's nerve failed, and Sebolto attempted to flee. In his haste, Sebolto stumbled down a ramp leading into the machinery of his death stick plant. Sebolto plummeted to his death into what Jango mused would be a "sour batch".

Personality and traitsEdit

Sebolto was known to be ruthless, wanting people to suffer a slow and painful death. The bounties he posted showed that he wanted Bendix Fust alive so that he could kill him himself. Although he eventually fled from Jango Fett when it was clear that he could not beat the bounty hunter because all of his guards were killed, Sebolto was sure of his skills as a warrior, boasting that he would, "kill him [Fett] myself."

Sebolto was appreciated by many of his soldiers, and some worshiped him so much that they threw themselves to their deaths into the death stick mixture after him.



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