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Sebolto's drug cartel was the Dug King Sebolto's illegal death stick smuggling enterprise operating in various star systems. The cartel saw an increase in sales when his majesty made a deal with High Priestess Komari Vosa of the Bando Gora, adding the cult's neurotoxins to the death sticks to make them more potent and, as such, more addictive. Cartel operations in the Gazzari Minor system ended after smuggler Bendix Fust ratted out the whole operation after being caught by the Republic Security Force at a transfer station there. Operations in the Coruscant system were shut down by ex-Mandalorian bounty hunters Jango Fett and Montross. The cartel came to an end when Sebolto died trying to escape Jango Fett, falling into a vat of his own death sticks.