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Secesh Trant was a member of the Destabilization branch of Imperial Intelligence during the Galactic Civil War. Her main goal at that time was to strengthen the Fras' pirate group and use them to fight enemies of the Galactic Empire. When the RNA brainwashing virus datatape appeared in an auction on board the Ananuru Express, she was sent to acquire it. To this end she hired Fras pirates Saminalwala and Saminalwasa, posing as their quiet and boring secretary. When a fight broke out before the auction, she simply kept under cover. Once the auction reached 98,000 credits, however, she revealed her true identity and took the datatape, informing everyone in the room that they were all guilty of treasonable activity. She gave them two options; either they continued running their organizations as they had done previously and accept an advisor from her agency or they could find the weight of the Empire coming down on them with full force. A group of Rebels along with Kane Mihal decided to start a fight and so Trant attempted to escape. She was eventually stopped, however, and the Rebel Alliance obtained and presumably destroyed the datatape.