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The Second Battle of Sarapin took place during the Clone Wars.


Following the death of his apprentice, Stam Reath, at the First Battle of Geonosis, Echuu Shen-Jon was assigned to retake Sarapin from the Separatist forces there, now under the command of Zian Finnis. He was accompanied by Naat Reath, Stam's sister.

The battleEdit

Arriving on the planet Echuu Shen-Jon forces discovered the remains of Separatist forces.They then destroyed a Separatist command center and all of its Geonosian workers, then crossed a bridge that led to a Trade Federation base. With only a few B1 battle droids guarding it, the base was quickly destroyed. Jon's forces kept moving forward and destroyed most of what was left of the Separatist forces on Sarapin, and forced the Separatists off the planet.


After capturing Finnis, Sarapin was once again in the control of the Republic. Echuu then formally accepted Naat as his new Padawan.



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