In 41 BBY, a mission was undertaken to the planet of New Apsolon by Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi to find the undercover Jedi Master Tahl, who had received a distress call from twin sisters Alani and Eritha who wished safe passage to Coruscant.


Jedi Master Tahl received a message from Alani and Eritha, the twin daughters of the assassinated leader Ewane of New Apsolon. The girls feared that their father's friend - Roan - murdered their father and they wished safe passage to Coruscant. Informing the Jedi High Council that she had received the request for an investigation, Tahl reported the twins' fears regarding their father's successor, Roan, as Qui-Gon Jinn burst into the High Council Chamber. Mace Windu allowed Jinn to stay as he was on the original mission some years before. Once her briefing was complete, Tahl stated she would return in a few days with the twins in tow, though Jinn protested he should go along.

Once arriving on the planet, Tahl learned that the Absolutes movement - a feared organization of terrorists - was still at large and so she infiltrated it to find what was going on on the unstable planet. Tahl was soon betrayed by the twins, Alani and Eritha, and severely wounded when taken into custody.

Three weeks after her departure, Jinn approached the Council with Obi-Wan Kenobi and stated that he feared for Tahl's safety and that he was going to New Apsolon to find her. Windu said that Jedi did not need to conform to a schedule and that the Council was not concerned about Tahl's mission, but Jinn protested and said he was going regardless of what the Council said. Windu then sternly said that if he left, he was doing it against the wishes of the Council. Arriving on the planet as soon as they could, Jinn and Kenobi located Tahl and freed her, helping her flee the Absolutes. Shortly afterwards, the governor, Roan, was found dead after he went to find the kidnapped twins who had been taken by the Absolutes. In light of this, the Jedi engineered a secret meeting between the Absolutes, the Civilized and the Workers movements. But it was a ruse engineered by Chief of Security Balog who once more kidnapped Tahl and took her away.

Finding TahlEdit

"Let this moment be my last."
―Tahl's final words to Qui-Gon Jinn before the former dies[src]
Tahl death

Qui-Gon Jinn alongside Tahl on her deathbed.

Jinn and Kenobi allied with Eritha and trekked across the terrain to find Tahl and Balog. The two learned from Eritha that Alani was the leader of the Absolutes, and that she wanted power over the planet. Nevertheless, the two Jedi and Eritha continued on reaching a roick worker colony led by Yanci. After spending the night, the Jedi and Eritha left but returned when the colony was attacked by the Absolutes. All residents, save for Yanci, were killed. The three soon found a base which served as a front for the Absolutes. Eritha feigned capture allowing the Jedi to enter unnoticed. They recovered Tahl, who had been incredibly weakened in a crude device. After freeing her, the base self-destructed. The two Jedi and Eritha fled the facility with Tahl, taking her to doctors who reported that Tahl would not recover - though Jinn was confident that she would still live. While in a medcenter, Tahl died from her wounds, causing Jinn great grief, pain, and rage. Jinn vowed to find Balog and kill him.

Seeking vengeanceEdit

"There is no help for me now. There is only revenge."
―Qui-Gon Jinn to Obi-Wan Kenobi following Tahl's death[src]

Qui-Gon is brought dangerously close to the dark side following Tahl's death.

Shortly afterwards, Kenobi contacted the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and informed them of Tahl's death. This prompted Jedi Master Mace Windu and Tahl's apprentice Bant Eerin to journey to the planet where they would begin an investigation. After seeing Tahl's body lying in state, the team began analyzing the facts surrounding Tahl's death. But Jinn abruptly left on his own pursuit of Balog – Tahl's killer – for vengeance. Windu and both apprentices learned of this and followed clues as to Jinn's whereabouts. Eventually, Jinn returned and the team learned the truth about Alani and Eritha and their involvement with the Absolutes movement. The Jedi soon found Balog in his hideout, and was swiftly disarmed by Jinn. But Tahl's sudden words shook Jinn and he regained calmness and had Balog arrested along with the twins. They then left New Apsolon to restore its fragile government while they took Tahl's body to the Jedi Temple for a traditional funeral.


With the sisters and Balog arrested and sentenced to imprisonment, Manex was made the governor of New Apsolon. With the fragile government mending itself to democracy and equality, the Jedi returned to Coruscant with the body of Tahl to give her a traditional Jedi funeral.