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In 25,792 BBY, during the invasion of the Tython system by the Rakata species' Infinite Empire, the Rakatan forces under Predor Skal'nas invaded the planet Tython in hopes of securing the Prime Infinity Gate in Tython's Chasm. Rakatan forces also decimated the forces of the Settled Worlds on Tython's moon Ashla, and Skal'nas himself descended into the Chasm with his Force Hound Xesh.[2] However, Sek'nos Rath managed to break free of his imprisonment by the Rakata, and lead a force of freed slaves to the battle. Daegen Lok and Shae Koda followed Skal'nas and Xesh into the Chasm while Sek'nos fought and defeated Trill. At the bottom of the chasm, Lok engaged Skal'nas while Shae squared off with Xesh. Daegen attempted a Mind twist by getting inside Skal'nas's mind, but it backfired when he felt the terror and agony of the Predor's victims, while Shae attempted to appeal to Xesh's humanity. All of a sudden, Skal'nas activated the Gate, boasting of how he would conquer the galaxy. Meanwhile at the temple of Anil Kesh, Tasha Ryo took the Holocron of A'nang to the lowest level at his request where he told them that the coming of the Rakata activated a fail-safe mechanism in the Holocron, saying it was time to activate the Tho Yor, and for that he needed a Je'daii Seer. When Tash protested, saying that she was blinded both physically and to the Force, A'nang stated that she can be unblinded so she can activate the Tho Yor; however, it would cost her her mortal life. Xesh pleaded with Shae to surrender, but she responded by unconditionally forgiving him out of love. Skal'nas blasted her with a charge of Force lightning, belittling her appeals; however, Xesh/Tau attacked him and they fought. Back in Anil Kesh, Tasha jumped into the pit and the Force energy where her sight and Force sensitivity were restored, and she vanished, but a charge of Force energy surged up and awakened the Tho Yor, and they opened fire on the Rakata ships, while a surge of energy flowed down into the Chasm, and destroyed the gate. Xesh then slew Skal'nas, whose body fell into the remnants of the gate where it was incinerated. Afterwards, the Rakatan forces felt Skal'nas's demise through the Force and fled, with the Sub Predors turning on each other in panic, and the remaining Rakata ships wiped out by the Settled Worlds fleet.


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