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A building served as the headquarters of the Prophets of the Dark Side, also called the Secret Order of the Emperor. It was located in Imperial City on Imperial Center, and was visited at least once by TIE pilot ace Maarek Stele of the Imperial Navy. It was apparently high enough up to reach realspace.


The main atrium's entrance a large door depicting the symbol of the Galactic Empire. Red robed individuals stood at various positions of the atrium. There were also at least three doors leading to different areas, all of which were at the far end of the atrium. The door on the right led to a chasm with a ledge marked with the symbol of the Prophets of the Dark Side. Above this ledge on the other side was a ledge where the head prophet comes out and supplies a promotion to the member of the Prophets, with a hallway behind the ledge. Also beyond the right door was a room that had a viewport to the stars. The head prophet would conjure a beam that would expand the tattoo to the appropriate rank while standing next to the viewport. The left doorway led to a small auditorium with at least four Prophets observing, and the head prophet conjuring a beam to have the recruited Prophet join their ranks. The middle doorway, larger than the other two, led to a gathering chamber with 12 Prophets, plus a stand on the center of the room where the head Prophet proceeded to promote a Prophet.