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Secrets of Star Wars 07 was a feature on Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club that showed artist sketches and renditions of possible scenes, characters, or objects that may appear in the future of Star Wars. It began on May 10, 2006 with the image "Force Repulse." It culminated on December 20, 2006 with the image "Running the Trench". Most of the sketches eventually turned out to be the concept artwork for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game, which was originally slated to be released in 2007, but was later pushed back to 2008. summaryEdit

2007 may mark the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, but the biggest Star Wars entertainment event of the year won't be found on the big screen. Hyperspace members catch this exclusive first look at the next major addition to the Star Wars

Archived imagesEdit

  • Running the Trench: Though a work in progress, this backdrop is complete enough to contain a lot of action and excitement.
A lightsaber-wielding being dodges fire from a TIE/LN starfighter in a trench similar to that of Death Star I—this may be the Death Star under construction. A space battle occurs overhead.
  • Tubed: Botany fans, rejoice... these adventures allow you to really get into Felucian plant life [sic].
"The New and improved Felucian tube. Force push will allow plays[?] to break through. Scouting of the tube...[?] pass through."
  • In the Shadows: Black is the new red.
A Shadow Guard with a lightsaber pike.
  • Speed Mode: This souped up transport has the mode to fit the mission.
A ship that has highly advanced implacements.
  • The Works: Despite hazard signs cautioning about the dangers of heavy gas processing equipment, you just know an action scene is going to find its way into here.
What appears to be the inside of BesGas Three mine.
  • Night On The Town: The times may be dark, but the neon distractions help a bit.
Stormtroopers raid a multi-level establishment.
  • Organic Pad: A vessel of intriguing design touches down on a wholly natural landing pad on the overgrown plains of Felucia.
A small ship is perched on a giant Felucian plant.
  • Black and White: Occasionally, moral dilemmas are this clear cut.
Two face off in a black and white forested environment. One wields a blue lightsaber, the other, red.
  • Camp Jawa: There's plenty of bargains to be had, but show up early; the good stuff gets picked over quickly.
Groups of Jawas standing around campfires.
  • Grim Trophies: As hobbies go, this one's hardly Jedi Code-approved.
Jedi General holding blue double-bladed lightsaber, surrounded by stormtrooper helmets.
  • Crawling in Style: These Jawas have used their innate mechanical skills to truly trick out their treaded ride.
A Jawa sandcrawler with added features, including shaded awnings.
  • New Boys in White: An uncertain era produces a number of specialized Imperial forces.
Four slightly different stormtrooper variants.
  • The Claw: Some droids can't help being so grabby.
Droid concept art dated December 15, 2005, looking like a modified salvage droid.
  • Jaws of the Sepulchre: Some think them no more than mindless animals, but it clear that they know, respect and fear death.
What appears to be Tusken Raider catacombs featuring a Bantha skull.
  • Droid Profiling: An assortment of head designs to determine the look of what promises to be a memorable droid character.
Eighteen sketches of a new droid head.
  • No Way Out But Up: Sometimes, you can never have enough manpower to surround a Jedi.
A female Jedi slain by rancors, which in turn are being bloodied by a Force-jumping male Jedi wielding a blue lightsaber. Eight red lightsabers are being held in the background.
  • Maelstrom: "It was a storm... there was no other word to describe it. It was like a sick joke, since we were supposed to be the stormtroopers..."
A hooded figure with a red lightsaber uses the Force to fling rubble at stormtroopers.
  • Postcards from the Core: These location studies show unfamiliar angles of a familiar home world.
Three different views of a world in ruins. Two are in color.
Three Imperial Star Destroyers are visible in the skies of Felucia.
  • You Can Never Go Back: Some things are best left in the past.
A robed figure stands in the doorway of the ruined Jedi High Council chamber.
  • Greatly Exaggerated: Reports of some demises turned out to be inaccurate...
Shaak Ti, wielding two green lightsabers, backed by three figures with green lightsabers standing atop rancors, faces off against a figure with a red lightsaber.
  • Worlds Apart: A galaxy awaits the next storm...
Five views of possible locations.
  • The Bigger They Are...: Only different in your mind, my young apprentice...
A Jedi with a blue lightsaber, an exploding AT-AT suspended in mid-air, two AT-STs on the ground, and Imperial stormtroopers engulfed in flames in the midst of a city.
  • Wear and Tear: Not exactly a scenic spot that would make its way into a galactic travel brochure.
Ruins on a planet. A CR90 corvette is visible, as well as a small, lone figure and several smoldering fires.
Four perspectives of a Wookiee dwelling
  • Lost and Found: On a world where much comes to vanish, a lone figure stands up to be noticed.
A figure holds a green double-bladed lightsaber in the midst of apparently broken machinery.
  • World on Fire: Imperial and Wookiee forces collide on Kashyyyk.
Imperial troops with AT-STs battle the Wookiees as fires blaze. This most likely leads to the species' enslavement to the Empire.
  • Through the Fog: The skies of this historically tranquil planet are once again filled with gigantic warships.
Two Star Destroyers loom over Naboo, as two TIE/LN starfighters fly by and Imperial troops, backed by AT-ATs and AT-STs, invade the city.
  • That's Gotta Hurt: Durasteel walls and marble pillars are no match for the power of the Force.
One Force-user pushes a stormtrooper through several marble pillars.
  • Force Repulse: The first concept image from the biggest Star Wars entertainment event of 2007.
Three Force-users repulse a large number of stormtroopers.

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