Secrets of the Jedi is a book by Jude Watson. Like its predecessor, Legacy of the Jedi, Secrets of the Jedi explores the relationships between three generations of Jedi.

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Qui-Gon and Tahl.

Obi-Wan and Siri.

Anakin and Padmé.

Three generations of Jedi.

Three untold secrets.

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To be a Jedi is to safeguard peace in the galaxy. To be a Jedi is to defend justice against tyranny. To be a Jedi is to rely on the Force. To be a Jedi is to not love or live as normal people do…at whatever the price.

Jedi know that love is not meant to be for them. But when Obi-Wan Kenobi and his fellow apprentice Siri Tachi approach a very Human falling, the reverberations are felt for many years…to when Obi-Wan has an apprentice of his own, Anakin Skywalker, whose secrets will draw Obi-Wan and Siri further into the Clone Wars.

Publisher's summaryEdit


A Jedi is never to fall in love….

Grieving for the loss of his friend Tahl, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn has been sent back to the Jedi Temple to recover. But this peace is soon shattered by an urgent mission—a young boy with a knack for technology has intercepted a message that indicates a mass assassination of planetary leaders is about to take place. It is up to Qui-Gon and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, to protect the boy from the bounty hunter assassins…and to foil the deadly plot.

Joining Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan on their mission are the Jedi Master Adi Gallia and her headstrong apprentice, Siri. Obi-Wan and Siri have been sparring partners for a long time. But as the assassins' pursuit tightens, they find their relationship beginning to change in an unexpected direction….

A generation later, Obi-Wan, Siri, and the boy they tried to save are reunited once more—with the fate of the Clone Wars hinging on the outcome. Old tensions rise once more—as well as new conflicts and secrets. Obi-Wan's apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, has many things to hide, and when his secret wife, Padmé Amidala, joins the Jedi mission, the risks become even greater than before.



The working title for this novel was Jedi Quest Special Edition.[1]


Part Two of the novel was originally set in the 29th month of the Clone Wars, in 19.59 BBY.[2] However the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series contradicts this placement by depicting Anakin as already a Jedi Knight in 22 BBY.


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This is a gallery of the cover variations of Secrets of the Jedi.

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