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Sector Beta was a sector in the Zirtran's Anchor space station. It provided the headquarters for the local station security forces and a reduced Imperial garrison.

Defensus Solar headquartersEdit

Sector Beta provided the headquarters of Defensus Solar. Their base of operations was an Old Republic corvette attached to the original Zirtran barge. Connected to this corvette were a number of vessels also serving as part of the Defensus Solar headquarters. Two older vessels attached to the corvette functioned as barracks, investigations and forensics. An old passenger liner had been converted into a detention center for prisoners.

Imperial Customs baseEdit

A small Imperial Customs base was also placed in Sector Beta. A small barge served as the Imperial base of operations in Zirtran's Anchor. It provided a small docking bay for one squadron of TIE fighters and two Skipray blastboats.

Most of the commanding personnel were plain bored, and many of them were almost at the end of their careers and just wanted to serve the Empire as uneventfully as possible. They would often leave as much works as possible to the Densus Solar group, who were in charge of the security aboard the station. The younger commanding officers were often dissatisfied serving on Zirtran's Anchor and wished themselves elsewhere.

Several Imperial Army platoons as well as two stormtrooper squads served aboard the station, but had very little to do.


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