This article is about Sedriss the Twi'lek. You may be looking for Sedriss the Human.
"Of course...beyond the scrap yard...But you'll never get there, broken one."

Sedriss was a Twi'lek slaver. The right-hand Lieutenant of Zarien Kheev on Tatooine, Sedriss operated an Imperial slave prison. He met Boba Fett on Tatooine, who was searching for any signs of Rianna Saren. Sedriss told Fett that his service is most appreciated by Kheev but didn't provide him with information about Saren. However, he soon encountered the Twi'lek and confronted her. Rianna defeated Sedriss and asked him about the prison. He gave her the location, but made the mistake of calling her "broken one" and was killed for that. Rianna then proceeded to take his blaster rifle.