"You've dug your own graves"
―Sedyn Kyne[src]

Sedyn Kyne was a male Human Mandalorian during the Cold War on Nal Hutta. Kyne worked alongside Tarro Blood, a noted mercenary and bounty hunter who intended to enter and win the Great Hunt, despite a prior failed attempt. Kyne accompanied Blood when the mercenary confronted Braden and Jory in the Poison Pit, a cantina in the town of Jiguuna. On Blood's order, Kyne executed both men in the hope that their deaths would cause an upstart bounty hunter to withdraw from the Great Hunt. Later, Kyne encountered the Hunter himself on Nar Shaddaa, supported by Hedarr Soongh, who was aware of Blood's crimes and forced Kyne to fight a fair duel, in which the Hunter fatally shot him.


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