Darrik: "Move it. I don't want to miss anything."
SeeVee: "Affirmative."
―Darrik and SeeVee[src]

SeeVee or C-V was an ASP-7 labor droid owned by the smuggler Platt Okeefe. The droid served her onboard the Last Chance.


Like many ASP series droids, he was only capable of answering either "affirmative" or "negative". The droid often got on Okeefe's nerves and annoyed many customs inspectors; sometimes with positive results, sometimes negative.[1]

At one point while smuggling Imperial-issue heavy blasters, TIE/LN starfighters shot down Platt Okeefe over the planet Dorajan. Crashing in the jungles, Okeefe had to work running repairs on her ship, aided only by SeeVee. However the droid was a cheap model with slow processing speed and proved little practical help. Nevertheless, Okeefe managed the repairs and evaded the Imperial picket.[2]

Later, SeeVee was present on the Last Chance when a Brentaalan boy, Darrik, tried to stowaway. The droid traveled with Okeefe and Darrik to the planet Bespin. There, the bounty hunter Beylyssa infiltrated the Last Chance disguised as a Bespin Wing Guard. In her frustration at not finding Okeefe there, she destroyed the droid, knocking its head off with a powerful kick.[3]



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