Seely was a female Twi'lek who worked as a pirate during the Galactic Civil War, serving under Drek Drednar with whom she was also quite infatuated. Using her natural charms and skills learned from her youth, she became a very successful and well-liked part of Drednar's crew.


Originally a slave girl dancer hailing from Ryloth, Seely used her innate guile to escape from her masters and to travel from planet to planet, biding her time in various casinos and other, similar seedy locales. Her most successful tools were her beauty, her feminine wits, and the knowledge of how to manipulate males of many species, which she had accumulated during her years as an exotic dancer.

While residing in an orbital casino in the Darlonn sector, she met the flamboyant pirate captain Drek Drednar, with whom she fell in love. Fascinated with his swashbuckling stories of epic battles and endless riches, she sneaked aboard Drednar's starship, the Sable III. When she was found by Drednar's men, the captain decided to integrate her as part of his crew, figuring that her daring and ability to sneak into places where she didn't belong might come in handy in future 'business ventures' and operations.

Seely learned the art of fighting while living aboard the Sable III, becoming an appreciated member of the crew. She would participate in boarding raids, however she preferred to stay toward the rear rather than jumping directly into danger. Her primary force, however, was the power she held over males, particularly those of other species. She would flirt with and manipulate them, using her beauty to have her way with them. Seely usually wore her lekku draped over her shoulders and decorated them with traditional Rylothean makeup. She preferred to wear flashy and seductive clothes and decorated herself with jewelry that had been plundered from other starships.

Personality and traitsEdit

Seely was highly attractive and very intelligent as well as confident and, when she desired to be, quite manipulative. As a pirate she generally avoided actual fighting, as she preferred the more seemly side of living on the fringe, hanging out in cantinas and using her wiles to loosen the tongues of potential targets. Despite this, she was able to defend herself and did not shy away from combat when it became necessary. Though she nursed a longing for her captain, Drek Drednar, it did not seem as though she let this affect her status among the crew of the Sable III.


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