"She's become a master of something alien to the hive-minded creatures—deception. Unlike most idealists, she was able to see the situation from all sides."
―The Bloodletter describes Thranx[src]

Seeqov Thranx was a female-oriented Vratix of the Seeqov hive-clan. Thranx was a metropolitan Vratix, fluent in a number of languages, such as Arkanian, Ithorese, Kubazi, Lepese, and Ryl. During her time as a rebel, she became skilled at deception, a skill she also applied in sabacc matches.

She worked for many years as a field inspector and research scientist on Thyferra. She was instrumental in eradicating a Rodian fungal epidemic that had threatened a significant harvest of alazhi. Shortly after this, she was recruited into the Vratix independence movement known as the Ashern. In this capacity, she was the primary contact for their agent known as the Bloodletter.

After she had been working with him for a year, the pair were ambushed in a alazhi field by a Mandalorian warrior—probably Boba Fett. The warrior shot both Thranx and the Bloodletter, believing them both to be dead. Thranx was mortally wounded but was able to produce bacta within her own body to heal her companion—a particularly effective form of bacta known as kolcta; a hybrid with kolto. The Ashern had been growing it in order to be able to break the monopolies held by the two bacta corporations. Thranx revealed this secret to the Bloodletter so that he could pass it on to the other Ashern before she died. However, the Bloodletter, who was a double agent, killed Thranx and instead passed the secret onto his employer on Coruscant.