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"Your fate is clouded...but the will of the force has set your path. The man you seek you'll find inside; the one who needs you, you'll find in time. Fear not, for the "son of the suns" will free us all. Take care for the Bogan is heavy upon this system. May the FORCE OF OTHERS be with you."

The Seer was an old, gray robed, man Luke Starkiller encountered in Mos Eisley, on Utapau. He sat in front of the Mos Eisley Cantina and assured the puzzled Luke that he would find the help he sought getting to Ogana Major, and that the "Son of the Suns" would free everyone.

The Seer partially spoke in rhythmic couplets.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • "Seer" is the only name this character was given in the script.
  • This random old man becomes, in the story synopsis which was written between the second and third drafts, a more fleshed out character, an old Jedi and trainer of Luke's. In the third draft, he was combined with The Starkiller to become Ben Kenobi.