This article is about the probe droid squadron. You may be looking for other seers.

Seer launches from the Vigiliance.

Seer was the name given to a squadron of viper probe droids that served the Galactic Empire during the year 3 ABY.


Seer was stationed on the Vigiliance. During the year 3 ABY, the Empire defeated the Rebel Alliance at the disastrous Battle of Hoth, but many of the Rebels fled the battle. A large number of these survivors were being escorted to friendly airspace by the Defiance Task Force, which Admiral Holtz was assigned to destroy. He planned to do this by deploying dozens of viper probe droids across the galaxy in order to track down the Rebel fleet. Group Seer was among the probe groups assigned to this vital task.

Seer was launched by the Corrupter Task Force in 3 ABY when the fleet was attacked by a pair of A-wings from the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Defiance. At least two probes from Seer Group were launched by the Corrupter, but both were destroyed by the pilot of the #2 A-wing, Ace Azzameen.