"It's a pleasure to meet you, my lord."
―Seferiss meeting Lord Kallig[src]

Seferiss was a male Twi'lek Sith Acolyte and former Hutt entertainer during the Cold War.


Before being brought into the Sith Academy, Seferiss served as an entertainer for a Hutt crime lord where he crushed the heads of prisoners, unaware of his Force-sensitivity. The Empire discovered the Twi'lek and took him to Korriban so that he might be trained in the ways of the Sith. He was taken in by Overseer Harkun and grouped with Jaxun, Argog, and Xalek as potential apprentices for Lord Kallig. Seferiss greeted his potential Master respectfully, but was angrily rebuked by Harkun, who instructed Seferiss not to speak directly to a Sith Lord unless asked to.

Seferiss was able to survive and complete the trials, including the final ordeal to retrieve ancient Sith carving. Returning to Harkun's quarters, Seferris presented the carving to the Overseer and the Lord and was just about to be presented as Kallig's apprentice when Xalek, still alive, returned as well. Angry over the Twi'lek's success, Xalek grabbed Seferiss and murdered him with his bare hands. Infuriated, Harkun declared Xalek unfit for apprenticeship, but Kallig noted the successful return of the artifact - now claimed by Xalek from Seferris - and did not punish the other acolyte for killing a rival in the presence of Sith.


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