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"...Does this armpit of a town have a name?"
"Eorm. And you've got the description right. I grew up here. If you've got the kind of power you say you have -- I'm for leveling it!"
―Remulus Dreypa and Parlan Spinner[src]

The Seizure of Eorm occurred in 2974 BBY when the Sith Lord Remulus Dreypa seized the port town from the Lost Tribe of Sith. He used his dark side powers to kill the local Sith Lord Galathos and his garrison. Dreypa's powers marvelled the local population and many came to see him as a potential liberator against the Tribe. However, Dreypa was more interested in finding a way back to the galaxy. Following the battle, he promoted his local quisling Parlan Spinner as a Sith Lord. Meanwhile, the Sith princess Takara Hilts and the Doomed leader Kaliska took the opportunity to escape from Eorm with its entire herd of uvaks—winged reptilians.



"Burn the whole block! Show the scum what it means to miss a quota!"
―Lord Galathos[src]
Galathos razing Eorm

Galathos terrorizing Eorm

Following a failed assassination attempt on the ruling Grand Lord Varner Hilts in 2974 BBY, the Sith assassin Parlan Spinner was sentenced to servitude on the Alanciari mariner Southern Star. The Lost Tribe dispatched the ship's captain Chegg on an expeditionary mission to explore the planet Kesh's South Pole, which consisted of a large frozen landmass known as Eshkrene. However, Hilt's daughter Sith princess Takara Hilts followed them, hoping to explore Alanciar and unaware of the ship's true mission. The Sith expedition was later captured by the Doomed, the descendants of stranded Jedi and Dark Jedi who had become stranded on Kesh following the Hundred-Year Darkness.

Parlan and the surviving Keshiri crew managed to escape and stole the Doomed's "Great Weapon": the ancient Sith Lord Remulus Dreypa, who had been imprisoned within an oubliette for four thousand years. He vowed to return to the stars and seek revenge against the Jedi and the Galactic Republic. Following their escape from Eshkrene, Parlan and Dreypa sailed the Southern Star to Eorm, a port on the southeastern coast of Keshtah Minor. Among their captives were Parlan's nemesis Takara Hilts and the Doomed leader Kaliska. These two women had been taken prisoner following an unsuccessful attempt to convince Spinner not to "open" the "Great Weapon."

Eorm had also been Parlan Spinner's hometown prior to his criminal career. As with much of Keshtah Minor and Alanciar, Eorm was ruled by the Lost Tribe of Sith and was a producer of textiles. It was ruled by the Sith Lord Galathos who had reputation for cruelty and treated the townsfolk like slaves. Eorm's population itself was descended from a group of Human slaves who had been cast out of the Tribe in ancient times. The ancestors of these Human slaves led by Ermon Parrah had participated in a failed attempt to steal the crippled Sith ship Omen and return to the stars. As punishment, these rebels had been enslaved and exiled to Eorm. Gradually, these rebels were also joined by other exiles including both Keshiri and Human who had fallen out of favor with the Tribe's leadership in the capital Tahv.

Parlan Spinner himself was a descendant of Ermon Parrah and resented his lowly status within Sith society. For generations, Spinner's family had toiled as tailors and seamstresses to spin a cord that would reach the stars. Since this task was physically impossible to achieve, Spinner and his family had remained slaves for generation.

Dreypa in action

Dreypa displays his dark side powers

The LandingEdit

"Such -- such power! Have you ever seen the like?"
―Unidentified male Keshiri slave[src]

After several days of sailing across the Southern Ocean, the Southern Star finally arrived at Eorm. Spinner also briefed Lord Dreypa on the events that had occurred in the past four thousand years particularly the Lost Tribe. Lord Dreypa expressed his bemusement that an entire Sith civilization had emerged on Kesh while he had been imprisoned within the oubliette. Dreypa also praised Spinner for freeing him and commented that his own survival was a form of revenge against his former Dark Jedi allies who had sealed him within the oubliette. After briefing his new master about Eorm, Spinner encouraged Dreypa to display his Force powers on Kesh and even advocated leveling the town. Spinner also advised Dreypa to use one of his prisoners, Takara, as a hostage due to her father's high position within the Lost Tribe.

Through the Force, Dreypa sensed that panic was brewing among the populace of Eorm. In fact, the town's ruler Lord Galathos had ordered the burning of an entire block of houses to punish the town's inhabitants for failing to meet their quota of sailcloth. Since the discovery of a new continent Alanciar the previous year, the Tribe needed more sailcloths to outfit its new fleet of wooden sailing ships. When a Keshiri man tried to reason with Lord Galathos, the Sith Lord attempted to Force-choke him. However, Galathos was interrupted by Lord Dreypa who killed the Sith Lord with Force lightning. Dreypa then used the Force to killing Galathos' remaining men and to level several buildings.

The surviving townsfolk were awed by Dreypa's display of Force powers which exceeded the abilities of the Lost Tribe. Parlan Spinner then attempted to rally the population by exploiting their grievances with the Lost Tribe and presenting Dreypa as their liberator who would fight against their former oppressors. However, Dreypa refused to fight for the slaves of Eorm or for anyone else. As a "true" Sith, he reiterated his beliefs of only fighting for himself. He also reprimanded the townsfolk for not following the "true Sith path" before criticizing the Tribe for growing "fat and soft" through the labors of others. During his speech, Dreypa outlined his goals of escaping Kesh for good and returning to the wider galaxy, which he regarded as his true domain.

Dreypa then harangued the Eorm crowd to join him if they wanted revenge against their former Sith overlords who had tormented. Kaliska and Takara were also present during the speech and noted the Sith Lord' oratory skills. Kaliska also warned Takara not to underestimate the dark side powers of Lord Dreypa since he had once threatened Kesh. Dreypa then interrupted their conversation and outlined his ambitions of conquering the Lost Tribe, intending to teach them what it meant to be Sith. When Takara protested, he boasted of killing her father Grand Lord Hilts, whom he dismissed as a feeble leader and a fool. Later, they were joined by Spinner who had collected the Sith garrison's collection of lightsabers and handed one to Dreypa before distributing it among the Sith rebels. As a reward for his services, Dreypa promoted Spinner as a Sith Lord.

Spinner distributing lightsabers

Spinner and his new Lord Dreypa


"Kaliska, He [Remulus Dreypa]'s... He's spellbinding."
"Of course. You think leading this lot is a challenge to Dreypa? His sorceries once threatened the entire planet!"
―Takara Hilts and Kaliska[src]

Following his conversation with Kaliska and Takara, Lord Dreypa ordered his Keshiri supporters to bind these captives. He intended to use Takara Hilts as a hostage to negotiate with the Lost Tribe. He also gave Lords Spinner orders to muster troops for an assault on the capital Tahv. While Dreypa and Spinner were making preparations for their attack, Takara and Kaliska managed to escape from their Keshiri captors. Takara personally slaying their guards with two stolen lightsabers she had stolen from Spinner. The two women then headed to the local uvak stables at Eorm which was home to the town's entire entire population of uvaks. These winged reptiles were used as beasts of burden and to transport goods and news across Keshtah Minor. In addition, uvaks were also use as a form of airpower in military conflicts on Kesh.

Kaliska then taught Takara how to use the Force to convince all the uvaks to take them back to Eshkrene. Since the Doomed had committed themselves to protecting the Keshiri, Kaliska regarded the rejuvenated Dreypa as a serious threat to Kesh and the wider galaxy. She intended to bring back all the Doomed in order to stop Dreypa's ambitions. Using the uvaks, they succeeded in flying back to Eshkrene and bringing all the Doomed to Keshtah Minor. Meanwhile, Dreypa and Spinner's rebels clashed with the Tribe's forces at the Battle of the Marisota Floodplain. Despite initial successes, they suffered heavy casualties from the Tribe's air force, the Skyborn Rangers, and were forced to retreat to Sessal Spire, a volcano on the southeastern coast of Keshtah Minor.

Behind the scenesEdit

While not officially named, the Seizure of Eorm was the first known conflict of Dreypa's rebellion, which devastated parts of Keshtah Minor in 2974 BBY. It first appeared in John Jackson Miller's Lost Tribe of the Sith—Spiral 3, the third comic issue of the Spiral comic story, which was released on October 10, 2012.