Selaggis VI was a gas giant in the Quelii sector of the Outer Rim with multiple moons, including Selcaron. It was a beautiful planet of yellow-orange with an atmosphere characterized by constant storm activity. The storms unceasingly changed the planet's patterns of swirls and lines, so that each new day offered variations in the worldscape. Selaggis VI was circled by a heavy debris ring of asteroids thought to have been another moon at one time.

It was the site of the Battle of Selaggis between Warlord Zsinj and General Han Solo in 7.5 ABY.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The PC video game Star Wars: Rebellion and Star Wars: Rebellion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide refers to the planet as simply "Selaggis", and the game describes it has being a habitable world with a favorable climate that has attracted colonists. This description is more fitting of its moon, Selcaron. Additionally, Rebellion places Selaggis VI in the "Quelli sector," a misspelling of the true Quelii sector.



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