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"I am Sele, I will pull out your tibia and use it to pick my teeth."
―Sele to Jax Pavan[src]

Sele was a male Cathar and the leader of Spa Fon's bodyguards. He wore a silver diadem with a single mangana aqua cabochon that signified his stature as the mightiest warrior of his clan. He fought Jax Pavan upon the orders of Fon. Though a skilled warrior, he proved no match to the former Jedi and surrendered.


A male Cathar, Sele was known across the galaxy as one of the greatest fighters and worked his way up to be one of the best within his clan. He traveled to Coruscant, where he took up a new job as a bodyguard and was recruited by Spa Fon. In 19 BBY, his client was visited by Den Dhur and Jax Pavan, who confronted him about a theft and eventually accused Fon of murdering Ves Volette. At this point, Sele was called in to get them out of the building and eliminate them best. But after a short fight Sele was defeated by the Jedi Jax Pavan, who disarmed him. When Pavan advised him to give up, Sele agreed and at the same time pledged allegiance to the Jedi, as the rite of his people demanded. So, some time later, he brought some important information to the Jedi, which he had received from a contact person and made sure that the murder of Ves Volette was cleared up. For this information, Sele relinquished his obligation after the rites.

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