Selima DeWitt was a female Human who lived during the waning years of the Republic Classic era.


DeWitt lived on the planet Cularin and was the daughter of Davin DeWitt, the Baron Administrator of the platform city Bayonard. She often hung around in the Space Monkey Café and the club Tyger Burning Bright, becoming acquainted with the Trandoshan bounty hunter Narask and the former Jedi Tyburn Welles.

When Percival Vale arrived on Cularin, DeWitt began a relationship with him. They went to live in the city Gadrin, where they joined the Bark Lovers' Alliance, a local environmental group, and set up the shop Natural. However, Higgie Sethven, a Cerean who worked in the shop, began developing a powerful drug there and the companies Culpharm and Genasys both sent corporate security teams to the shop, to try and obtain the drug. In the resulting shoot-out, DeWitt, Vale and Sethven took cover inside the shop and were eventually rescued by a group of freelance agents who DeWitt's father had hired to find her, as she had been out of contact with him.

DeWitt returned to Bayonard and with her father's blessing, married Vale shortly afterward.