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Selnia Trigg

Selnia Trigg fighting onboard the Tarnta's Fang

Selnia Trigg was a native of the planet Alderaan, a personal page for Senator Bail Organa and, through him, one of the earliest members of the Rebel Alliance. The destruction of her home planet Alderaan left her withdrawn and distant, she felt that any display of emotion would betray the devastation of her world. Ever since it happened, she went about her duties with an almost clinical detachment, although she followed orders well and demonstrated considerable field initiative during her missions. The only person who has been able to open her up slightly since the destruction of Alderaan has been J'rek de Mahdav whom, along with Ne Thruska, she was assigned with to take down Consolidations Unlimited. She was unhappy with this assignment, preferring to take on Imperials, rather than go on "PR Tangles" with comparatively minor criminals. Despite this fact, she was the leader of the strike force aboard the Morrt, and was tasked with boarding the Tarnta's Fang upon receiving Cermack Rustill's signal, and retrieving the coordinates of Consolidations Unlimiteds base planet from the ships database. Unfortunately, during this attempt, the ship crash landed on the planet Darstell 4, crushing their own ship, the Morrt, and forcing them to flee into the capital city of Symt. After she managed to escape from this planet, she joined up once more with the Rebellion.