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The Selonian Tunnels was the name given to groups of subterranean tunnels constructed by Selonian immigrants to Corellia. They were inhabited by peoples of all species with the network extending to beneath Coronet City.

In the time of the Cold War, the peace created by the Treaty of Coruscant was shattered when the Sith Empire invaded Corellia and led to renewed hostilities with the Galactic Republic. The native Corellian rebellion was noted to had fled into the Selonian tunnel network and were being aided by the Selonian Murthil. In addition, Darth Thanaton intended to secure a victory in the Kaggath against Sith Inquisitor Kallig by destroying a Republic fuel refinery through the use of the Selonian tunnels. This act would have damaged Kallig's reputation as the refinery's fuel was intended for the Sith Lord's forces and would have ensured Thanaton's success in the Kaggath.

During the Corellian Insurrection, Han Solo was led through many of these tunnels by the Selonian Dracmus.



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