This article is about Seltaya Major in the Seltaya Major system. You may be looking for Seltaya Minor in the Ropagi system.

Seltaya Major was a planet in the Mieru'kar sector of the Outer Rim.


Riddled with cave systems, Safonne Pendon maintained a pirate fleet there that targeted New Republic ships.

Behind the scenesEdit

While Twin Stars of Kira placed the system in the Expansion Region, Wanted by Cracken mentioned a planet called Seltaya and placed it in the Mieru'kar sector in the Outer Rim. Both sources described Seltaya as an ice world and homebase to a group of pirates. This contradiction was solved with the publication of The Essential Atlas, which retconned the Seltaya from Wanted by Cracken to be Seltaya Major in the Seltaya Major system and Seltaya from Twin Stars of Kira to be Seltaya Minor (or Ropagi III) in the Ropagi system.[2]


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