The Seltiss-1 caravel was a Hutt transport vessel.[1]


A fair representative of a "typical" caravel, the Seltiss-1 was a roomy shuttle generally used to transport Hutts from Nal Hutta to Nar Shaddaa - though some were used to patrol worlds on which their owners maintained a strong presence.[1]

Like most caravels, the Seltiss-1 tended to lack a hyperdrive, had concealed weapons, and included a detachable room that served as an escape pod, with each caravel having its own unique appearance; though the Ubrikkian models tended to emulate the shape of sail barges.[1]

Ultimately the Seltiss-1 was measured thirty meters in length and was able to carry sixty-five passengers and one hundred and fifty metric tons of cargo.[1] The crew complement numbered five, including up to three gunners, who were in command of the vessel's four turbolaser cannons, a concussion missile launcher and a tractor beam projector.[1]

It was succeeded by the Seltiss-2 model, also produced by Ubrikkian.