Seltos was a planet in the Mid Rim. Its Sommin City was home to the largest Tarro remnant. Its primary industries included agriculture, lumber production, and mining of valuable ores. Visitors to Seltos' nature preserves provided a small boost to the economy as well. Natives of Seltos were considered congenial and pleasant.


Seltos was originally colonized with logging as the basis of its economy. It eventually became part of the Galactic Empire, which maintained only a small outpost consisting of an Imperial governor and two companies of troops on the planet. An uprising against the Imperial governor of Seltos resulted in the formation of a pro-New Republic government. However, Seltos' Magister of Trade, Sinya Deboora, was revealed as an Imperial spy by a group of New Republic operatives who thwarted an Imperial plot to retake the planet.[2]

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