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"Now you'll see why I'm the most dangerous assassin on Taris."

Selven was a Human female who resided on Taris. She used to work for Davik Kang as an assassin before working for the highest bidder.


The bounty office on Taris had a bounty on Selven for the assassination of House Ulgo, possibly on behalf of the House of Organa. Selven had a reputation as the best assassin on Taris.[1]

The bounty huntress may have had a connection to Trask Ulgo, under the assumption that Trask was of the same Ulgo family that Selven was hired to kill. Trask might have joined the Republic Navy to escape from Selven, or was already under the Galactic Republic's employment.[1]

She was eventually killed when she picked a fight with Revan and lost. Revan would go on to claim the bounty on her for much-needed credits in his escape from Taris.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Selven is the only bounty target other than Matrik (out of a total of five) the player can kill without receiving dark side points, since she cannot be compromised. It is also quite likely that the player is forced to fight her, another reason for there being no dark side points awarded. Strangely, it appears that killing her prematurely sometimes results in a black game screen. The game continues to work other than the screen becoming black (sounds, the cursor, even menus, work exactly as they should.)

Saving and then re-loading the game fixes this issue.


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