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"The Senate Guards surely afford more than adequate protection…"
―Supreme Chancellor Palpatine[src]

The Senate Guard, sometimes called the Blue Guard and, prior to 22 BBY, informally known as the Coruscant Guard,[9] was a law enforcement agency of the Galactic Republic. Stemming from the Republic Senate Guardsman of old, the Senate Guard had a tradition that went back thousands of years, making it one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in service to the Republic. Its duties were to protect senators, the Supreme Chancellor, and other ranking members and buildings of the Galactic Republic government. It also served as a secondary police force for Coruscant in addition to the Coruscant Security Force. Next to the Jedi Order, the Senate Guard was seen as the Defenders of Democracy and symbols of peace and security on Coruscant. In law enforcement circles, Senate Guard investigations were well known for meticulous and excellent investigative and forensic work. The Senate Guard's specialized unit, the Senate Commandos, were the best of the Senate Guard. When not conducting police investigations or taking on secret missions for the Republic government, the Senate Commandos took a leading role in the protection of dignitaries and government property during war time. With the establishment of the Red Guard to protect the Supreme Chancellor and the formation of the Coruscant Guard and its clone shock troopers, the Guard's roles and prestige was diminished. By the end of the Clone Wars the Guard was completely phased out though briefly revived as the Imperial Senate Guard.



"While I regret that it had to turn violent, my guards acted per orders and are to be commended. We have a responsibility to the representatives of the Republic. We have hundreds of delegates arriving in the coming days, and we have to make sure they are safe, and to do so, we have to clear those entryways."
―Jesra Loture, Captain of the Senate Guard[src]
Senate guard 121
A Senate Guard.

The Senate Guard was an elite law enforcement agency that was responsible for defending the members of the Galactic Senate of the Republic. These duties meant that they were also often found on senatorial transports in order to guard their charges. The Senate Guard was also in charge of the protection of the Supreme Chancellor. The distinctive and familiar blue armor of the Senate Guard had served as a symbol of both peace and security for the Republic as well as on Galactic City for thousands of years. During their years of service, the Guard protected leaders and acted as a second police force on Coruscant.[1]


"Senate Security Committee wants this ended fast to show Haruun Kal we're in control. They can't just walk in here, grab a Senator, and hold the Republic's finest at bay."
"Maybe the Republic's finest, or you to be exact, should have concentrated on ensuring secure transportation for Senators."
―Senate Guard Commander Jaller Obrim and CSF Lieutenant Dovel[src]

The Senate Guard Committee officially had oversight of the Guard[1] but the Guard also answered to the Senate Security Committee who was responsible for the safety of Senators.[3] The Senate Guard was led by the Captain of the Guard. The head of the Grand Convocation Chamber detachment was referred to as the Sergeant at Arms and sat below the Chancellor's Podium. Below them consisted of small teams that consisted of 6 to 10 guardsmen that were typically led by a person of the rank of commander. Under them were posts such as Captains and Lieutenants. New freshly graduated recruits were assigned the rank of Private.[1] The specialized Senate Commando unit was led by a guardsmen of the rank of Captain.[10]

Training and equipmentEdit

"The blue guards started telling everyone to clear the doors, and then people started shouting back. They [the protestors] tried to push back, and that's when the rifles came out."
―Lia Reicheds, Senate clerk[src]

Prospective recruits were cautiously selected from among the most respected law enforcement agencies in the galaxy. Part of the guidelines for selection involved the fact that all candidates must be superb combatants and that they be completely dedicated to the Galactic Republic.[1] Guards were trained at the Senate Guard Academy and were based at Senate Guard Headquarters located on Coruscant.[10] By the end of the Republic, membership in the Senate Guard appeared to be, at least unofficially, hereditary, with several generations of some families serving in their ranks. This meant that candidates were often dominated by recruits with family connections. However, acceptance was extended to distinguished members from recognized planetary law enforcement bodies. Should that be the case, these more experienced recruits often went through a shortened academy training program.[4][10]

Senate Guards in robes and armor.

The most notable element of the Senate Guard was their symbolic blue robes and helmets. Their blue armor had remained as a trustworthy symbol of both peace and security of the Galactic Capital for thousands of years.[1] The striking blue robes had another symbolic meaning of representing the supreme authority of the Senate along with its long tradition of a wise and just rule. In addition to the robes, the helmets had large crests and the uniform consisted of simple drapes but these were ceremonial rather than functional.[11] In terms of weaponry, new guardsmen were often provided with ceremonial rifles that were distinctive, powerful and accurate. These weapons were noted for capable of firing a strong stun blast and while they were known for being primarily ceremonial, they saw increasing usage during the final years of the Republic.[1] Should their mission or security demand it, guardsmen were known to discard their long weapons in order to be outfitted with more practical forms of weaponry.[1] The Guard were given extensive blaster training and instructed in the use of Force pikes. They were also drilled in the Hijkata Martial Arts discipline. To get around the capital, Senate Guards used the Senate Guard speeder. When in more serious situations, the Guard used the heavily-armed Senate Guard assault vehicle.[4]

Among the facilities available, the Republic Guard used fully equipped and modern analysis laboratory's which were used to help them conduct their investigations.[1] In the field, special analysis droids were used that released their sensitive data only to the appropriate officers.[4]

Relationship with other law enforcementEdit

"And you have primacy? I thought the city came under CSF jurisdiction."
"Not as long as I have a Senator and his aide in danger."
―RC-1309 "Niner" and Commander Obrim[src]

The Senate Guard worked most closely with the Coruscant Security Force, though the two had a rivalry. The Senate Guard served as police force for Coruscant, but was secondary to the CSF which had primary jurisdiction of Galactic City. However, in cases involving the safety of senators, the Senate Guard also had primary jurisdiction.[3] There were exceptions as the murder of Senator Onaconda Farr was investigated by the CSF, not the Senate Guard.[12]

Among the skills that distinguished the Guard was their use of some of the best investigative and forensic work in capital.[10] However, this had the effect of leading to some among the ranks of the Blue Guard to be distrustful of the Jedi as the Guard preferred to deal in cold hard facts. Thus, they often relied on the field of forensic evidence rather than rely on what they believed to be the mysticism of Force sorcery.[1] As such, they were often at odds with the Jedi Order due to their less tangible methods of evidence gathering.[1]

With the coming of the Clone Wars the Coruscant Guard was formed to assist the CSF in securing the capitol. The clone shock troopers of the Coruscant Guard took over the responsibility of the Senate Guard as Coruscant's secondary police force which diminished the power of the Senate Guard. When the Red Guard was formed to protect the Supreme Chancellor, the power of the Senate Guard was further diminished. [1]


"He comes from generations of Guards on your side as well mine!"
―Sagoro Autem[src]
Senate Guards attempt to restrain a protester in front of the Senate Building.

The history of the Senate Guard was ancient and was as old as that of the Galactic Senate itself thus tracing it's origin to the ancient times of the Republic. It's known that among the artwork of the earliest times of the Republic, images of silent Guardsmen had been present during these earlier centuries as a silent testament during diplomatic negotiations that force was ready to be used if diplomacy itself failed.[10]

The Senate Guard[9] launched an undercover operation to investigate the Black Heth gang that had been operating on the lower levels. The undercover informant sent in to investigate was discovered by the gang and held at a constructions site. The Senate Guard requested the assistance of the Jedi and Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had also been investigating the Black Heth, to assist in the rescue the informant. Fighting his way through several Black Heth thugs, Kenobi was able to prevent the execution of the informant who was being questioned as to his true identity. The informant passed on to Kenobi that the Black Heth were importing large quantities of illegal weapons into Coruscant. Kenobi then took charge of the investigation, eventually tracking down and eliminating the smuggling operation.[13]

By the time of the Separatist Crisis, the Guard was led by Jesra Loture.[1] During the Clone Wars, the blue-armored Senate Guard were the elite honor guard to high-ranking government officials on Coruscant, and rarely left the capitol except on the most important Senate business.[10]

When Nute Gunray, a member of the Separatist Council, was captured and detained by Republic authorities,[14] Captain Faro Argyus and a group of Senate Commandos were dispatched to oversee the Neimoidian's transfer to Coruscant. Given Gunray's dealings with the Order of the Sith Lords, Count Dooku and his Sith Master, Palpatine were unwilling to allow the Neimoidian to remain in the Jedi's custody. Therefore, Dooku deployed a Dark Acolyte named Asajj Ventress to either retrieve or assassinate Gunray before the Jedi broke his silence through interrogation. After infiltrating the Tranquility, a Venator-class Star Destroyer where Gunray was held captive, Ventress killed numerous clone troopers and several Senate Commandos while trying to free her target. However, Gunray's escape was ultimately successful due to the treachery of Captain Argyus. Bribed with promises of freedom and wealth by Count Dooku, Argyus broke his allegiance to the Republic and aided in Gunray's escape, killing his fellow Senate Commandos in the process.[15]

Senate Commandos Hostage Crisis
Senate Commandos in front of the Executive Building.

After Argyus's betrayal of the Republic,[15] Captain Jayfon and a large contingent of Commandos were killed while on guard duty at the Republic Executive Building by Cad Bane along with a group of bounty hunters. A hostage crisis followed immediately after their deaths, in which several senators were held captive as part of the mercenaries' plot to free Ziro Desilijic Tiure from the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center.[16]

Four Senate Commandos were stationed aboard the New Mandalorian vessel Coronet as bridge crew under the command of Captain Gray. They were taken by surprise and killed by Mandalore Senator Tal Merrik, a secret Death Watch operative who attempted to abduct Dutchess Satine Kryze. The Dutchess was rescued by the Jedi and Merrik was killed,[17] though she was later framed for murder on Coruscant, thus leading to her arrest warrant. Aided by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kryze allowed two Senate Commandos to arrest her. Kenobi used the distraction to infiltrate the Senate Building where he provided Senator Padmé Amidala with evidence to exonerate the Dutchess.[18]

A group of Senate Commandos served as bodyguards to Chancellor Palpatine and Vice Chair Mas Amedda while the two inspected the captured Zillo Beast that was brought to Coruscant from Malastare. When the creature escaped from its bonds and rampaged through Galactic City, Palpatine was evacuated to a H-2 executive shuttle, piloted by a single Commando. The Zillo Beast disabled the shuttle, however, thus forcing the astromech droid R2-D2 to save Chancellor Palpatine. The Senate Commando was crushed to death by the Zillo Beast, immediately after he implored the Chancellor to escape to safety.[19]

When Chancellor Palpatine made a scheduled visit to his homeworld of Naboo for the upcoming Festival of Light, a large security force—consisting of Coruscant Guard shock troopers and Senate Guard commandos—accompanied him due to the Jedi High Council's concern for his safety. One of the Commandos responsible for guarding the Chancellor was a male Human designated as SG-1984.[20]

A Senate Guard in 19 BBY.

During this era, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine began marginalizing the role of the Senate Guard. Instead of relying on them, he began installing his own elite guard that consisted of red robed warriors that became known as the Red Guard.[1] These soldiers were selected from the ranks of the Senate Commandos and took over the responsibility of security for the Chancellor. There was also a cosmetic change for the Blue Guard; the elaborate crests were removed from their helmets, and the open face was covered by a black visor similar to that of the Red Guard.[10]

Following the creation of the Galactic Empire, the post of Supreme Chancellor was removed by Palpatine who declared himself Emperor. This change saw his Red Guard becoming the new Emperor's Royal Guard that sought to his protection. Furthermore, the proliferation of clone forces led to the Guard being largely redundant and they were gradually phased out of service.[1]

By 2 BBY, the Senate Guard had been re-established as the Imperial Senate Guard. Members wore armor identical to the Royal Guard and the Emperor's Shadow Guard, albeit blue in color. Additionally, like the Royal and Shadow Guards, Senate Guards of this era utilized lightsaber pikes, possibly indicating that they were Dark Side Adepts. They still functioned as bodyguards (and possibly enforcers) of Imperial Senators while serving the Emperor's will. Galen Marek would fight many Senate Guards during his part in the formation of the Rebel Alliance.[21]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Hasbro toys name the Senate Guards as the Coruscant Guard. The "Coruscant Guard," however, was initially made up entirely of clones, whereas the Senate Guard had no clones among the ranks. It is possible that the misnomer could have been due to the fact that the Coruscant Guard were also assigned to protect the Republic Senate facilities and all senators in residence, augmenting, but not supplanting, the non-clone Senate Guard already in place.

A Quarren is mentioned as working for the Coruscant Guard in Star Wars: Obi-Wan however this is most likely referring to the Senate Guard[9]

When they first appeared in The Phantom Menace, they were intended to be the direct predecessors of the Royal Guard. However, this idea was abandoned in Attack of the Clones, where they appear side-by-side, Where the Red Guard would be the direct predecessors of the Royal Guard


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