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"The Honorable Senator from Alderaan must agree that no matter how unhappy he may be, it cannot be argued that procedure isn't being followed."
"The procedure was changed by the same Senator who has been asked to investigate unfounded charges that suit his own agenda. It is the very definition of unfair. It is also an outrage."
"The presiding official refuses to get bogged down in procedural details. The Honorable Senator from Alderaan will now yield the floor. Your objections will be noted in the log.
―Senator Bog Divinian, presiding Senate hearing official, after being vigorously challenged by Bail Organa, orders the Senator from Alderaan to yield the Senate Hearing Chamber floor[src]

The Senate Hearing Chamber was a large governmental hearing chamber located within the Galactic Senate Building on the galactic capital world of Coruscant. Smaller than the Galactic Senate Chamber, the Senate Hearing Chamber boasted 20 tiers, repulsorpods for several hundred senators, and seating for news correspondents and onlookers. As some beings observed, the chamber, due to the nature of the kinds of meetings that were generally held there, was not normally packed with overflow crowds. Senate Hearing Chamber meetings were usually "so dull," according to Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, that "no one attended them."[1]

On occasion, however, such as occurred in 24 BBY, when a sensationalist hearing took place that heard witnesses testify against the Jedi Order for alleged abuses against the Republic, filling the pods, seats and tier aisles, beyond the Senators and their aides, were officials of the HoloNet news and curious Coruscant natives. Kenobi, accustomed to rather something different for this space, was therefore quite surprised at the turnout.[1]


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