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"Morning, Senators. You should all consider yourselves to be in my power. As long as everybody behaves, this will be quick and painless. Do nothing, and it will all be over soon."
―Cad Bane — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

The Senate hostage crisis took place at the Senate Office Building on Coruscant during the Clone Wars from which Bounty hunters employed by the Hutt Clan led by Cad Bane held the Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine of the Galactic Republic and other senators hostage in order to free Ziro the Hutt from the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center.


During the Clone Wars, Jabba the Hutt's uncle, Ziro, was arrested by the Republic Coruscant Guard and Naboo Senator Padmé Amidala. He revealed that he worked with Separatatist leader, Count Dooku in kidnapping Jabba's son, Rotta, in order to become master of all the Hutt Clans.[1] Following his confession, Ziro was then imprisoned at the Republic's detention center.[2]

Following Ziro's bounty hunter, Aurra Sing's failed attempt on Amdiala[2], Jabba and the Grand Hutt Council were concerned that Ziro would give the Senate their records. So, Jabba paid bounty hunter Cad Bane to get the Galactic Senate Building's blue prints from Amidala's protocol droid, C-3PO. However, 3PO did not have the blueprints. 3PO, however, said that R2-D2 had the blueprints. Bane was able to get the blueprints, made sure that 3PO's and R2's memories were wiped, and they were returned without suspicion. Bane then went to Jabba's Palace on Tatooine. Bane was then paid for the blueprints. Jabba, with the Council's approval, also asked Bane to carryout this mission. Bane agreed to do it, for the right price. [3]

Hostage CrisisEdit

Bane then assemble a team of bounty hunters; Aurra Sing, Shahan Alama, Robonino, HELIOS-3D, HELIOS-3E, another IG-86 sentinel droid, and a pair of Commando droids. Together, they then went to the Senate Building. Bane was then confronted by Senate Guard commandos. Sing then took out the commandos. Bane and the rest of the bounty hunters then finished off the remaining ones. The commando droids then disguised themselves as Senate Commandos. Bane and the others then entered the building.[4]

During this time, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker was meeting with his wife, Senator Padmé Amidala. However, their meeting was cut short when Senator Bail Organa barged in. Organa asked her to join him in a meeting with Senator Philo about the Enhanced privacy invasion bill. Amidala then went with Organa and left Skywalker. However, Amidala left with Skywalker's lightsaber.[4]

Bane and his bounty hunters then made their way through the building. Bane then finished off the remaining Senate Guards. Bane and the others then went to Control Room, taking out the droids and guards stationed. Bane then left Robonino to cut the power. Bane and the others then went to talk with the senators.[4]

Bane and his bounty hunters then surrounded the Senators and took them hostage. Senator Philo refused to listen to Bane and tried to leave. Bane then shot Philo. He then contacted Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, demanding that Ziro be released and turned over to him. At first, Palpatine refused until Robonino cut the power and building was placed on lockdown. Communication with the outside was lost. Bane then searched the Senators for communicators. However, as he comes across Amidala, Bane spotted Skywalker. He then ordered Alama and the IG-86 sentinel droid to go after him. Skywalker attempted to contact someone but was unable to do so.[4]

Skywalker was then confronted by Alama and the droid, but realized that he did not have his lightsaber. So, he evaded them. Skywalker then went to a room with communication equipment. There, he was able to modify his comlink and contact Palpatine. Palpatine told him to get to the control room to reestablish communication. However, Skywalker cut him off when Alama came to the room. He was able to use a Mind trick to throw Alama off. When the two bounty hunter split up, Skywalker confronted the droid and was able to destroy it. However, it proved to Alama that Skywalker had no lightsaber. Bane then sent Alama with Sing to meet up with Robonino and to subdue Skywalker.[4]

Skywalker then made his way to the control room. However, Robonino then sealed the door when Skywalker ran towards him. Skywalker attempted to use a mind trick on him, but was then held at gunpoint by Alama. He then took Alama's blaster and held him at gunpoint. Sing however was able to shoot the blaster out of Skywalker's hand. Robonino then attacked Skywalker, shocking him unconscious. They then tied him and took him to Bane.[4]

Bane then contacted Palpatine, instructing him to make a pardon disk and give to Senator Orn Free Taa. 3D then goes to the Chancellor's office and takes Taa to the detention center. There, Ziro was then freed and taken back to the Senate building. Bane and the other bounty hunters then placed bombs around the senator as they prepare to leave. However, as they make their way towards the landing platform, Bane's bounty hunters were then surrounded by Commander Fox's detachment of the Coruscant Guard called in by Taa and Palpatine. However, Bane refuses to surrender threatening set to kill the senators. Thus, Bane and his bounty hunters were allowed to leave. The senators were then able to wake up Skywalker and Amidala gave him back his lightsaber, saying he dropped it. As Bane, his bounty hunters, and Ziro made their escape, he set off the bombs as Ziro's payback. Luckily, Skywalker was able to cut a hole in the floor, and saved them before the bombs went off.[4]


Ziro was then taken to Nal Hutta before the Grand Hutt Council at Gardulla's Palace. Ziro, knowing they were behind his rescue, threatened to send the Council records to the Senate if he was killed.[5]

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