Sendarl Electronics was a company based on the planet Esseles that specialized in the manufacture of a variety of electronic equipment. The company was incredibly successful in the Darpa sector, reaching the height of its success under the New Order. Sendarl's workers were primarily nonhuman, relying on droid workers to supplement the organic workers.

Unfortunately for Sendarl, the anti-alien bias of the Galactic Empire was revealed to the Darpa sector due to the efforts of the Rebel terrorist group known as the Faceless. Due to this revelation, the decidedly alien workforce went on strike, leaving Sendarl's many manufacturing plants completely inoperative. A few plants were able to continue processing on droid labor, but the strike severely crippled Sedarl's value and profits. Luckily for the company, the strike was put to an end thanks to the efforts of Kanno Sebak.

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