"Have you ever heard of the Sennex? They're a bad lot, worse than the Hutts, and I say that with all due respect."
Ephant Mon[src]

The Sennex or Sennex Pirates were slave traders[2] from the Sennex system.[1] They were among the most despicable pirates in the galaxy during the time of the Galactic Civil War. Aurra Sing was once in their possession before she took up the bounty hunting business. The pirates told her the Dark Woman had purposely abandoned her before they sold her to Wallanooga the Hutt.[3] Bothered by their presence on Tatooine, Jabba the Hutt sent some of his henchmen to harass the Sennex and remind them who was the true ruler of the planet.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sennex appeared in the video game Star Wars Galaxies, a massively multiplayer online-role playing game developed by Sony Online Entertainment and published by LucasArts, prior to its closure on December 15, 2011.



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