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Sensor Outposts were various installations that detected activity around the perimeter of an area. They often served as an early-warning system for bases if a vehicle not registered to the base was approaching the area. They do have weaknesses, however, they were primarily electronic, and thus they often were vulnerable to well-placed ion cannon shots. These installations also are less effective in dark environments such as nighttime or dense fog.

The Galactic Empire utilized these outposts on Prefsbelt IV, near their Imperial Academy, in order to detect would-be intruders. Because of this, Rogue Squadron, when infiltrating Prefsbelt IV, had to either evade or disable the Sensor Outposts in order to pass through the perimeter without being caught.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Because of the nature of the mission being dependent on the Gamecube's clock in Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike, the method in which the player has to take out the devices is depicted differently depending on the time of day the player is playing it: If the mission takes place during the daytime, the player, in Y-wings, has to use the Y-wing's ion cannon to disable the sensors long enough to pass by them undetected, and if the mission is done at night time, the player has to use snowspeeders to pass by the Sensor Outposts undetected at the dead of night.



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