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"Detecting a Sentinel-class landing craft near planetfall. We're about to be raided by stormtroopers."
―An Alderanaanian, during Leia Organa's rescue mission.[src]

A Sentinel-class landing craft, also known as a Sentinel-class shuttle or Imperial landing craft, was a large-scale troop transport utilized by the Galactic Empire.


Sentinel class shuttle-SWC

A Sentinel-class shuttle carrying a container

Designed by Sienar Fleet Systems in the shape of its cousin, the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle, this larger, more spacious shuttle was primarily used to ferry a complement of 75 stormtroopers into battle[4]—55 more troops than the Lambda-class.[6] The ship featured three wings: one stationary center foil and two articulated flanking wings.[1] The landing craft also had shielding strong enough to be able to withstand several hits from a Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier's turrets.[7] They could also be modified with special containers carrying vehicles.[8] The shuttle had several entry points including a front ramp, a rear ramp,[9] and doors to the side.[10] The interior of the ship had a main passenger section and a cockpit. In the passenger/cargo area, there were benches and harnesses on each side with a ladder to the side of the front ramp leading directly to a hatch for cockpit access. The cockpit section had four seats.[9] The shuttle could also feature a refresher on the opposite side of the ladder.[11]

Jaum flees

Jaum fleeing Andelm IV on a Sentinel-class, with the ship's side doors open


"A Sentinel-class—wizard."
Jai Kell[src]

A Sentinel-class shuttle was once used for transporting the Imperial cadets of the Academy for Young Imperials on the planet Lothal to a nighttime aquatic training mission.[12]

Stormtroopers and the Grand Inquisitor took a Sentinel-class to an old Republic military base called Fort Anaxes, to either capture or eliminate the Spectres, after the rebels' successful mission to rescue a former Imperial employee. After a brief battle on the abandoned base, Kanan Jarrus piloted the Phantom and destroyed the shuttle before running away.[5]


Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin arrives on Lothal in a Sentinel-class shuttle

Weeks later, another one was used in the chase of the rebels and Senator Gall Trayvis.[13]

Minister Maketh Tua of Lothal was to take a shuttle on a meeting with Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin when she was rescued by the rebels, but after she boarded it, it exploded as part of a trap set by Agent Kallus and Darth Vader.[9]

The rebels later became notorious for stealing shuttles, such as the shuttle Lagos.[14] Later, a rogue former clone trooper CT-7567, nicknamed Rex, and Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus used another one of these stolen shuttles during their mission to destroy the Imperial Interdictor.[3]

Shuttle and Cruiser

A Sentinel-class Shuttle docked with an Imperial light cruiser

A Sentinel-class shuttle was used by the Empire in an attempt to regain control of a Imperial carrier which was captured by the Spectres and members of the Free Ryloth movement.[7]

Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, at least one Sentinel-class shuttle was deployed on Tatooine to find the droids that were in possession of the stolen Death Star plans.[15]

Shortly afterward, Commander Alecia Beck of the ISB used one of the shuttles to carry a squad of stormtroopers off the Vehement during the hunt for Caluan Ematt.[16]

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Gathering Forces Imperial Shuttle Concept Art

Concept art of a damaged Sentinel-class shuttle


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