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The X7-type factory station Sentinel was an Imperial assembly plant for TIE Avenger class starfighters in the Gaerboud system.

The facility became the site of a small space battle during Rebel Alliance Operation: Quick Strike when Rebel Alliance starfighters tried to intercept a consignment of newly built TIE Avengers while they were transferred from the factory to the ISD Dauntless by untrained workers.

The fate of the Sentinel installation is unknown. It is unlikely that the factory suffered any serious damage during the rebel attack, as it was not the target. However, even if it was not destroyed by the Rebels it is unlikely that Sentinel survived beyond the attempted coup by Admiral Zaarin shortly after this Rebel raid, as Zaarin had great success in his initial move of destroying all TIE Avenger production facilities.

Behind the scenesEdit

The outcome of the space battle depends on the actions of the player.

The "Gaerboud system" is likely meant to be the "Gerbaud system" in the Sepan sector where Admiral Harkov received a complement of TIE Advanced starfighters for his fleet during the previous game, Star Wars: TIE Fighter (during a rendezvous with the Escort Carrier Tropsobor near Gerbaud 2).