The sentry gun was any automated turret designed to engage nearby enemies. Sentry guns came in a wide variety of different sizes, yields, and types. These weapons could typically be found near high-value areas such as detention cells, command centers, and laboratories. For best results, they were placed in areas such as corners, above security doors, or other positions that afforded them a wide field of fire. Sentry guns were usually linked to the central security system. Once activated, these turrets used active sensors and preprogrammed criteria to identify threats and fire upon any hostiles they encountered.

Sentry guns found heavy use during the Jedi Civil War, where they were deployed by both the Republic and the Sith. Meetra Surik encountered turrets several times during her travels, including on Onderon, Goto's yacht, Citadel Station and at the Trayus Academy on Malachor V. Another heavy user of sentry guns was the Galactic Empire. Kyle Katarn fought against several types of automated sentry gun during his exploits against the Empire and the Second Imperium.

Sentry guns were also used on starships, such as Invisible Hand during the Clone Wars.

In one sense, the shoot-back system on the Jade Shadow and the repeating blaster on the Millennium Falcon can be considered sentry guns in that they automatically engage nearby hostiles and are linked to the ship's central security system.



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