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"Being a Knight means everything, but I don't let it define me. When it's time to go to work, I'm who I need to be. The rest of the time, I'm just myself."
―Senya Tirall[src]

Senya Tirall was a Human female who joined the Knights of Zakuul and rose to become a member of the personal guard of Valkorion, the Immortal Emperor of the Eternal Empire. She spoke out against Valkorion's phasing out of Humans from military roles in favor of Skytroopers, catching the Emperor's interest. Two years later, the two began a romantic affair, and Tirall had three children—the twins Thexan and Arcann, and her daughter Vaylin. She eventually left the Emperor's guard after Valkorion's indifference to his children grew too much for her to bear, and she hunted down traitors to the Empire. However, after Valkorion's death, Arcann's ascension to the throne, and his subsequent massacre of the Scions of Zakuul, she joined Lana Beniko in rescuing the Outlander and helped establish the Alliance.


Early lifeEdit

Senya was born on Zakuul and when her Force-sensitivity was discovered, she joined the Knights of Zakuul. Eventually, when she earned a place in Emperor Valkorion's elite guard, she didn't hesitate to speak her mind, speaking out against replacing Human soldiers from military roles with skytroopers, catching the Emperor's interest.[1]

Two years later, they become romantically involved and she eventually bore his children. She first gave birth to twins, Arcann and Thexan. Despite showering them with love, her sons gave none in return and Valkorion seemed to want nothing to do with them. Their third child, Vaylin, was so powerful that she made furniture move with the Force while still in the womb. As a toddler, she tore droids apart and one time, when a guard dropped a ball she tossed, Vaylin crippled him. Senya went to Valkorion to plead with him to help his children, but the Emperor merely caged Vaylin's mind, locking her power away, along with most of who she was, and continued ignoring Thexan and Arcann.[1]

Deciding that her children were not safe around Valkorion, Senya attempted to run away with them but the children idolized their father and refused to leave, calling their own mother weak. Even as children, even with Vaylin's powers locked away, the three of them were more powerful than Senya, so she was forced to leave alone. Valkorion didn't even try to stop her, although he later admitted to the Outlander that he made a mistake in letting her go. Senya transferred to the Knights' enforcement division and took assignments at the fringes of the Eternal Empire.[1]

The only news Senya ever received of her family was in public broadcasts, such as Thexan's funeral, the official statement being that he died invading the Core Worlds. Following Valkorion's supposed assassination at the hands of an Outlander, Arcann took the throne and began an invasion of the galaxy as retaliation for the Outlander's crime.[1]

By the war's end, Koth Vortena and his crew deserted after refusing Arcann's orders to massacre rioters on Denon. Senya was assigned to hunt down the deserters and spent months attempting to recapture them. At some point, Senya encountered the Sith Lord Lana Beniko, who had traveled into Wild Space in search of the Outlander. Senya became sympathetic to Beniko's cause, understanding how oppressive and cruel Arcann's rule had become.[2]

Battle at the GravestoneEdit

By 3632 BBY, Senya had returned to Zakuul. That year, Beniko and Koth had freed the Outlander from carbonate, with Senya eventually assisting Lana and the Outlander when they were under siege by skytroopers and Knights in the Endless Swamp. Koth refused to trust Senya, still bitter about her relentless pursuit of him. But when HK-55 reminded that reinforcements were on the way, Senya assisted in using the Force to raise the legendary Gravestone. They then escape from Zakuul, managing to destroy over two dozen ships of the Eternal Fleet in a single shot.[2]

The group was able to get a short distance away before the Gravestone's hyperdrive failed. After telling the Outlander that their destination is Asylum, Senya received hostility towards Koth. She insisted that her pursuit of him was justified, with him being a deserter. With their argument going nowhere, Senya left the bridge to wander the ship. She went down into the deeper parts of the ship, finding the enigmatic monolith. The Outlander found here there, and she formally introduced herself.[2]

Upon arriving at Asylum, Senya gave sarcastic remarks when they met with Koth's crew, who neither she nor the Outlander had been told they were meeting. As Beniko parted their company to contact her network, Koth approached the Outlander to ask for help in locating his engineer, Tora. Senya also requested the Outlander meet her later so she could introduce them to her allies.[3]

Later on, when the Outlander and HK-55 arrived at Senya's rendezvous, she opened a hidden door. But upon entering, HK was hit by an electromagnetic pulse that disabled him and wiped his short-term memory. Senya explained to the confused Outlander that her allies, the Scions of Zakuul, wanted to meet with the two of them only. Heskal, the Scion leader, speaking in hiding, stated that if they were to aid the Outlander's war against Arcann, they must understand the Outlander's role, as for some reason the Outlander remains a blindspot in their visions. Senya then joined the Outlander in persevering through the Scions' trials, as the lesser Scions engaged them in combat and Heskal questioned their intentions. At the final trial, Heskal attempted to convince the two of them that Arcann and Vaylin must die for their slaughter of the Scions. He remained frustrated that he still couldn't see the Outlander's fate and thus personally intervened, knocking out Senya and engaging the Outlander. When the Outlander emerged victorious and stood over a defeated Heskal, Senya pleaded the Outlander not to harm Heskal, insisting that they need the Scions. At that moment, the sanctuary was stormed by Lana, HK, Koth and the crew, demanding the Scions stand down, which they do.[3]

Heskal then asked what future the Outlander envisioned for the galaxy after Arcann is defeated. Once the Outlander answered, Heskal shocked all by revealing that the reason why the Scions couldn't see the future was because Valkorion had survived within the Outlander's mind. The revelation excited Koth, who believed that Valkorion's survival meant salvation for Zakuul, but Beniko stated that the Emperor was a threat to all life. But as the Outlander turned to leave, Senya confessed her ulterior motive for including herself in the trials, which was to understand the Outlander who was destined to destroy her own children.[3]

Lady of SorrowsEdit

The party then return to the Gravestone, where Koth had it out again with Senya for lying to them and asked if she really expected them to believe that she was going to oppose her own children. Senya suggested asking Valkorion directly, though the Outlander rejected the notion of being Valkorion's mouthpiece. Koth and Beniko soon began to argue over whether Valkorion was benevolent or a monster, each arguing that they knew more about him than the other. Senya interjected that she knew him better than anyone else, which only served to make the situation awkward given her unintended implication. HK then interrupted, announcing that T7-O1 had passed along a message from the "Lady of Sorrows" who wished to establish a dialogue with the Gravestone's computers. Senya explained to the Outlander and Beniko that the Lady of Sorrows was an information broker who had remained out of the reach of Zakuulan law. She volunteered to guide the Outlander through the Old World district of Zakuul, where the Lady was known to operate.[1]

Upon arriving on Zakuul, Senya puzzled the Outlander by singing a song, in spite of the fact that they're headed into hostile territory. After meeting up with Teeseven, Senya split off to meet with a contact of her's, Reg. However, upon entering Reg's cantina, she was attacked by the Heralds of Zildrog. She managed to hold her own before the Outlander arrived to assist her. Afterwards, she confronted Reg, who defended that the Heralds made a deal with Arcann; in exchange for Knights keeping out of the Old World, the Heralds would keep crime down and Reg was afraid of the Heralds' wrath if they learned of Senya's involvement. Senya demanded to know where to find the Lady of Sorrows but Reg refused, so she had to physically assault him to get some answers. Reg pointed her to one of the Lady's proxies, Mona Gale.[1]

Senya and the Outlander find Gale at the Market Squad scamming citizens. Despite her disapproval, she cut straight to business and demanded to know where to find the Lady. Just then, a public broadcast from Arcann labeled Senya as the Outlander's accomplice. This unintentionally gave the Outlander some clout, as Gale admitted that she didn't know how to contact the Lady but suggested they go and meet with the Heralds in Breaktown to get a meeting with her.[1]

Just as they were about to enter the Heralds' lair, they were accosted by Koth, who was told by Teeseven about their destination and figured out the rest by himself. He stated that the Heralds' leader, The Exalted, detests Knights and wouldn't talk to Senya. They then began arguing, Senya insisting that she could simple strongarm him into compliance, but Koth claimed that as an average Zakuulan, he could reason with them.[1]

Regardless of whom the Outlander sided with, the Exalted refused to cooperate. But before he could order his men to open fire, they received a holocall from a Nautolan named Thea, declaring that the Lady wants to meet both the Exalted and the Outlander at the Razor, the latter remaining unharmed. Despite have the Exalted's son, Brennen and a companion of the Outlander's whom they didn't side with, as hostages, the Exalted ordered his men to attack regardless.[1]

The Lady is ultimately revealed to be a droid named SCORPIO, who killed the Exalted and installed Brennen as his replacement. With their new ally acquired, the Outlander and the others departed Zakuul.[1]

Battle of AsylumEdit

Shortly after SCORPIO was integrated into the crew, the Outlander was called to the Scions' hideout by Heskal. Subsequently, Asylum came under attack by Arcann's forces. When the Gravestone came under attack and Vaylin personally confronted the Outlander, Senya rushed to aid the defenders. She first dispatched a Knight going after Koth's crew before telekinetically tossing the Outlander away before Vaylin could strike. She urged Beniko to go with the Outlander and free the Gravestone, saying this is a family matter.[4]

Senya proceeded to duel her own daughter and attempted to reason with her but failed. Ultimately, Senya managed to disarm her daughter but when she had her at her mercy, she couldn't strike her own. Vaylin then revealed to her that Arcann killed Thexan in cold blood. This revelation shocked Senya to the core. She managed to gather her wits enough to rejoin her allies aboard the Gravestone as they fled Asylum. After managing to flee into hyperspace, the Outlander collapsed after suffering battle wounds from their duel with Arcann. Later, when the Outlander woke up, they revealed that Heskal brought Arcann to Asylum to fulfill his prophecy.[4]

Arriving on OdessenEdit

According to Beniko, the Battle of Asylum had shown the galaxy that the Eternal Empire was not invincible and elements from both the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire were throwing their support behind the Outlander's new Alliance to destroy the Eternal Throne. The Gravestone then landed on Odessen, which Beniko described as balanced in the Force.[5]

After setting up a base, the crew got to unwind at the cantina. With Koth still being hostile towards her, Senya left, joking that she intended to sing. She then went outside to contemplate, and was later approached to the Outlander after the party had ended. She then revealed what Vaylin told her. She then hardened her resolve to stop her children and to accept the choices she made.[5]

As the Alliance began to grow, Arcann destroyed five worlds for allegedly harbouring the Alliance. Senya was appalled by this tragedy and insisted to the Alliance leadership that they make her children answer for their crimes.[6]

After the Alliance recruited Kaliyo Djannis[6] and Havoc Squad[7], and discovered the existence of the GEMINI frequency, the Alliance plotted an attack on the relay station connecting the Eternal Throne to the Eternal Fleet. However, they were divided on their goal; Lana believed they should decrypt the GEMINI frequency to listen in on Arcann and learn his plans; Kaliyo wanted to control the Fleet; and Havoc Squad wanted to destroy the relay station. Bearing animosity for Firebrand's anarchist attacks, Senya was against Kaliyo's involvement in the operation. Subsequently, the Outlander went missing when they attempted to consult Valkorion for information to aid in their attack, in which the operation was forced to go ahead. When the Outlander returned, the mission went awry as the infiltration team went dark, forcing the diversion team to move in to rescue them.[8]

Raiding the Gilded StarEdit

While awaiting the status of the away team, the Alliance was approached by Gault Rennow, who offered them the opportunity to raid Arcann's treasury ship, the Gilded Star. Senya traveled with the core Alliance members to Vandin. After recruiting identity slicer Dretcher and Gault's partner Vette, Senya revealed her previous posting on the Gilded Star. SCORPIO assumed that Senya would be familiar with the ship's operational procedures, but the Knight suspected that they may have been changed. The Devaronian then elaborated on his plan, assigning Senya to masquerade as Vaylin, given their family genetics.[9]

The next day, as the Gilded Star docked with the skyhook for its annual resupply, Senya, in her disguise, escorted SCORPIO past the guards onto the bridge, where the droid was able to take control of the ship's functions, enabling the Outlander and Gault to plant a warhead inside the vault to vaporize its contents, at which Lana pulled up with a tanker ship and siphoned the vaporized valuables. Senya and her companion then got aboard the tanker, but the Outlander's party's escape route was impeded by the impending arrival of the real Vaylin; Senya was not eager for another fight with her daughter that she would potentially lose. After Hylo Visz extracted the party, both ships quickly returned to Odessen.[9]

Secrets of the GEMINI droidsEdit

Jorgan and Kaliyo were later revealed to have survived and managed to escape Zakuul with a datacore on the GEMINI droids. SCORPIO's analysis confirmed that the GEMINI captains were based off a template - GEMINI Prime - and based off SCORPIO's own complex technology. Senya identified the Prime's location on Darvannis, one of the first worlds conquered by the Eternal Empire as a staging point against the wider galaxy. After the Commander secured the Prime, SCORPIO determined that plugging the Prime into any of the warships in the Eternal Fleet would enable her to take over the entire network and she had found one such warship in a nearby sector recharging its hyperdrive.[10]

The GEMINI DeceptionEdit

As the Gravestone was traveling through hyperspace towards the Eternal Fleet ship's location, Senya advised the crew to expect swarms of skytroopers to rush the breach point once they board the ship. However, as the Gravestone engaged the enemy ship and SCORPIO generated false blips so the latter would fire at nonexistent targets, enabling a boarding party consisting of Senya, the Outlander, SCORPIO, Lana and Theron to get onboard. Upon landing, Senya noted the absence of skytroopers. Soon after disembarking, the GEMINI captain addresses them through the speakers and activated blast doors, separating Senya, Lana and Theron from the others. With no time to break through the blast doors and with skytroopers everywhere, Lana tells the Outlander to find another path to rendezvous. As Senya's party made their way through the ship, SCORPIO managed to find an access terminal through which to deactivate the blast doors, the skytroopers and the GEMINI captain. However, GEMINI somehow managed to counter SCORPIO's cyber attack, causing her to self-destruct.[10]

After finding the ship's "cargo", Senya split off from her allies to find the Outlander and escort the Commander to the brig, where they discover the ship's "cargo" were prisoners, Senator Tai Cordan of Balmorra, Imperial Admiral Zasha Ranken, and exiled Zakuulan holoperformer Malita Tal. Senya was familiar with Malita, as she was one of the first Zakuulans to openly oppose Arcann's rule and was left with either going into exile or execution. The prisoners then relate that they had formed an alliance of their own in their search for the Outlander, and Arcann was planning to interrogate them, figuring they knew his enemy's whereabouts.[10]

After freeing the prisoners, Senya accompanied the Outlander to the bridge, where they fought against the GEMINI captain, ultimately defeating her. Soon after, they learned that GEMINI's fight with SCORPIO had somehow granted her free will, which was atypical of her series, before activating the self-destruct. GEMINI then left her body to transmit into the GEMINI frequency, revealing that Arcann and Vaylin were on their way.[10]

As the ship was slowly torn apart, the escaped prisoners made it to the escape pods, but were locked out from launching manually. Theron was able to launch two pods of the Outlander's choice, but was unable to save the third.[10]

After escaping the self-destructing ship, the Gravestone and its crew made it into hyperspace just as the Eternal Flagship and its support ships arrived. They soon discovered that GEMINI Prime had shut down since the Gravestone detected a transmission from the Eternal Fleet ship. The cause soon reveals itself to be SCORPIO, who had faked her own destruction so she could take over Zakuul and the Eternal Fleet, which was her objective all along.[11]

The Battle of OdessenEdit

Upon returning to Odessen, Theron noted that SCORPIO had seized control of nearly the entire Eternal Fleet, save for the ships under Arcann's command. Soon after, Odessen base is hailed by SCORPIO, who reveals that she had leaked Odessen's location to Arcann to see if retaking the Eternal Throne or dealing with the Outlander and Valkorion was more important, as a way of eliminating him as a threat. Theron verified the droid's claim as he detected the arrival of Arcann's fleet in the system.[12]

As the Gravestone prepared to meet the enemy, Senya volunteered to join the boarding party, desiring to face her children. After getting aboard the Eternal Flagship, Senya followed the Outlander and Lana in finding her children while a sabotage team separated to disable the shields and weapons. They soon were addressed by Vaylin over the loudspeakers, revealing Arcann's location on the bridge. When Lana asked why she aid them, the High Justice explained that she only cared about facing her mother. Senya urged her companions to go on while she distracted Vaylin.[12]

However, Senya never got her chance to face Vaylin for some reason while the Outlander was fighting Arcann. As SCORPIO remotely took control of Arcann's fleet to fire on the vulnerable Flagship, Senya made her way to the bridge and found her only son pinned down by debris, his cybernetic arm torn off. Pulling him from the debris, she lamented that she wanted to save him. Vaylin then appeared, mocking that it was too late. Remorsefully, Senya offered her love to Vaylin once more but her daughter reopened old wounds at how she abandoned her own children, and moved to attack, only for Arcann to regain consciousness and Force-pushed his sister away, leaving Vaylin feeling angry and betrayed. Senya took it as a sign of hope for both of them and urged Vaylin to come away with her and Arcann. Before Vaylin could answer, falling debris forcing her to flee back to Zakuul. Senya then helped Arcann into his personal shuttle and fled the battle, telling her allies she believes Arcann can be redeemed, before fleeing into hyperspace.[12]

Ambush on Ord MantellEdit

Soon after the Battle of Odessen, the Scions, once the visionaries that guided Zakuul, now in exile and scattered across the galaxy after the death of their leader, reached out to her and told her to go to Ord Mantell. Though the majority of the Knights of Zakuul remained loyal to Empress Vaylin several were not loyal to her because of her violent behaviour towards them in the past they now stood against her. The Knights had medical supplies and equipment to help Arcann due to the fact the Scions were still too vulnerable and cautious to risk exposure.[13][14]

Invasion of VossEdit

Shortly before Vaylin's attack, Senya arrived with her son, Arcann hoping to heal him with help of Voss mystics.[15]

Behind the scenesEdit

Senya Tirall

Senya Tirall's original character model, before her face was redesigned with the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion

Senya is a major companion character in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire. Although she was shown to use a lightsaber pike in cinematics, she uses a standard lightsaber in-game. Senya received a new character model for Knights of the Eternal Throne to more closely match her cinematic appearance.

Gameplay alternativesEdit

Knights of the Fallen EmpireEdit

At various points it is possible to earn approval from Senya, usually at the expense of disapproval from Koth.

The Outlander can choose to ask Senya about her family in detail at the start of Chapter VII. Also during this conversation, the Outlander can flirt with Senya and lie to her about whether Valkorion is listening.

At the climax of Chapter VII: Lady of Sorrows, the Outlander must choose whether to bring Koth or Senya with them into the Heralds' hideout. The companion left behind will be captured by the Lady of Sorrows, but will survive the encounter. Subsequently, upon encountering Novo and Balisk, Senya tries to reason with her fellow Knights to stand down, calling on them for turning on their Scion brethren. After besting the Knights in combat, if the Outlander chooses to execute Novo, Senya will protest executing a defenseless opponent; the Outlander retorts that Novo is a nobody and asks what she would do when it's Arcann's turn to die; Senya executes Balisk, saying she'll do what's necessary.

In Chapter XV: The GEMINI Deception, if the Outlander fails to save Malita Tal, back on the Gravestone, Senya will accuse the Outlander of choosing the world they know over Zakuul. The player can respond any way they want, either earning approval or disapproval.

In Chapter XVI: Battle of Odessen, the Outlander can choose to either let Senya go or fire upon her shuttle. Although Senya and Arcann will escape into hyperspace regardless, the Outlander's choice will affect some dialogue in the next chapter.

Knights of the Eternal ThroneEdit

In Chapter I: Wrath and Ruin, the player can elect to either aid Senya or refuse to aid her:

Dark side pathEdit

For the latter option, Senya is forced to fight a group of Mandalorians before fighting Lana. As the Outlander arrives, Arcann senses the presence of Valkorion and escapes without being fully healed. Blaming Valkorion for her failure, Senya engaged the Outlander in battle only to be mortally wounded. With her dying breath, she asked to speak to Valkorion once more, at which the Immortal Emperor soothes her with a lullaby he sang to her in the past. The player can alternatively taunt her with a dark side dialogue, promising to tell Arcann of her final moments before ending him, at which she cursed the Outlander for being the son/daughter Valkorion always wanted. Her spirit later appears in Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne, helping the Outlander destroy Valkorion once and for all.

Light side pathEdit

Alternatively, for the former option, Senya would instead fight a group of Zakuul Knights before willingly giving some of her life-force to heal Arcann, falling into a coma in the process. Senya remains comatose until Chapter VII: Into the Void, when she wakes after sensing Vaylin breaking her mental conditioning on Nathema. She later joins the Outlander alongside Arcann in Vaylin's final assault on Odessen in Chapter VIII: The End Times. She and Arcann later assist the Outlander in fighting to the Eternal Throne in Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne and defend the Outlander's body from skytroopers while their leader is locked in a mental battle for control with Valkorion. Senya and Arcann soon enter the Outlander's mind and help destroy Valkorion once and for all. Senya will then initiate a galaxy-wide broadcast for the Outlander's ascension to the Eternal Throne, and will be seen either in the Alliance's new crisis control center, or standing with Arcann at the right hand of the new emperor, depending on the player's choice.



Notes and referencesEdit

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